Terms & Conditions

Payment Terms

Domestic Orders

  • Open Credit Status: Net 30 Days
  • Unknown Credit Status: Consult factory for credit application. Where a clear financial position is not evident, credit card, bank transfer, or COD may be necessary

International Orders
Terms of payment are Advance Wire Transfer, advised by and payable at Middlesex Bank, Medfield, MA; FOB Milford, MA, freight collect; duties, taxes, and insurance paid by Customer.

Cancellation Charges
Order cancellations may be subject to a cancellation charge, based upon the proximity to the requested ship date. Custom product cancellations will incur a fee of up to 100% of the total price of parts purchased for the order.

All transactions are payable in US funds only.

Shipping Terms

These commodities, technology or software shall be exported from the United States in accordance with the Export Administration regulations. Diversion contrary to U.S. Law is prohibited.

All items are shipped F.O.B. Milford, MA, freight collect. Customers who would like their shipment freight charges to be "Prepaid and Added to Invoice" will be invoiced a $10 handling fee, in addition to the actual freight charges. The only exception to this will be UPS and FedEx shipments.

For all international shipments, the following terms apply: F.O.B. Milford, MA, Freight Collect, with duties, taxes, and insurance paid by the Customer.

In the event that your order has an ultimate destination outside of the U.S., Comark requires that a completed and signed copy of our End User Statement be provided in order to fulfill our obligations under U.S. Export Laws.