Warranty & Repairs


Comark warrants its products to be in good working order for the duration of the product's warranty, starting from the date of shipment as a new product (90 days for out-of-warranty repairs). Should products fail to perform properly at any time within that period, Comark will, at its option, repair or replace the products at no cost, except as set forth in this warranty. Extended warranties are available for most Comark products. Consult your account manager for details and to discuss your requirements.

No warranty is expressed or implied for products damaged by accident, abuse, misuse, natural or personal disaster, or unauthorized modification. All warranties for product, expressed or implied, including merchantability and fitness for a purpose, are limited to the duration quoted at the time of order, starting from the date of shipment. No warranties, expressed or implied, will apply after that period. If the product does not perform as warranted herein, the owner's sole remedy shall be repair or replacement. In no event will Comark be liable to any purchaser for damages, lost revenue, lost wages, lost savings, or any other incidental or consequential damages arising from the purchase, use or inability to use this product, even if Comark has been advised of the possibility of such damage.

Flexible service programs are available; including extended warranty contracts can be purchased at the time of original product purchase. Contact your Account Manager for more information on purchasing an extended warranty.


Factory Repairs
Comark offers a Return Material Authorization (RMA) procedure for the return of damaged or defective products for repair. All repairs, both in and out of warranty, are done at our factory in Milford, MA. Purchase Orders are required to process repairs and cover the cost of misuse, damage during shipment due to improper packaging, and incorrect setup, as well as standard repair charges for out of warranty products. You will be notified of any charges prior to execution of repairs and provided a quote with repair costs. Comark will offer repair services on products that are less than 7 years from the original ship date only. Products that are older will need to be replaced by purchasing a new product.

Repair Warranty:
Comark warrants its repaired products to be in good working order for a period of 90 days from the date of shipment for out of warranty repairs. Should products fail to perform properly within that period, Comark will, at its option, repair or replace the products at no cost except as set forth in our warranty. In-warranty repairs maintain their original warranty period or 90 days from the date of the repair shipment, whichever date is later. Repair warranties cover the actual repair and not necessarily the entire system.

Advance Replacements (Comark Brand Products only):
Advance Replacement parts are available for Comark brand products only. Parts will be furnished on an exchange basis only for in-warranty product for customers in good standing. Standard credit terms apply - customers without an established account need to submit a credit application or pay with a credit card. Defective parts, once returned and repaired, become the property of Comark. Full Credit will only be applied to the Advance Replacement Invoice if all original product manuals, components and software licenses (unopened) are returned with the defective system. If the defective items are not returned to Comark within 15 days from the receipt of the replacement parts, the Advance Replacement Invoice will be considered due and payable.

Return Material Authorization (RMA) Numbers:
Prior to return shipment, customers must obtain a valid RMA number.

To Obtain an RMA Number:

  • Complete the RMA Form, and submit it by clicking the Submit button, emailing to RMAadmin@comarkcorp.com or faxing it to 508-359-2267. Once we receive the completed form, an RMA number will be issued. The RMA and instructions on returning the product will be emailed or faxed back to you.
  • All items must meet the conditions of the Return Procedures and arrive in good condition. If you require assistance or have any questions, please contact Customer Service at 800-280-8522, Ext. 6001 or email: RMAadmin@comarkcorp.com
  • Ensure that the customer has a good backup of any programming the unit requires, as it could be lost in the repair process.


  • The product warranty is valid from the original date of shipment through the limited time offered by COMARK.
  • All materials being returned to Comark must be shipped Prepaid, securely packaged, and include a purchase order to process non-warranty repairs. Collect or COD shipments could be refused unless previously authorized by Comark.
  • Please reference the RMA number on your paperwork and mark it clearly on the shipping label.
  • A repair fee will apply for any product that is returned damaged due to improper packaging during shipment or from misuse.
  • Minimum evaluation fee for all non-warranty repairs. This fee will apply if the repair quote is declined, the product is un-repairable or no fault found (product returned as defective and found to be in good working order).
  • In-warranty repairs with no fault found could be subject to the minimum evaluation fee.
  • Parts will be charged according to current pricing at time of repair.
  • All quotes not approved within 30 days could be subject to a re-quoting fee.
  • All items being returned for credit/refund must be returned within 30 days of shipment in the original packaging and must be accompanied by the original contents (i.e., cables, software – must be unopened, and manuals, etc.). A 30% restocking fee will be applied for any returns for credit. Missing or damaged contents/components will be deducted from the credit.
  • Comark is not liable for special, incidental, or consequential damages, including lost profits, down time, goodwill, damage to or replacement of equipment and property.


  • Please pack all returned products in the original shipping container or equivalent. This will ensure that all parts arrive free of shipping damage. Please contact Sales or Customer Service if you need to purchase packaging.
  • Please use a freight carrier appropriate for the size and weight of your shipment.
  • Note: Large displays (32-42in) are required to ship via Freight on a skid only.

Payment of Freight Charges:

  • The customer is responsible for paying all inbound freight charges for both in-warranty, out of warranty repairs and replacements. Comark is not responsible for any damages that occur during shipment due to improper packaging by the customer or improper handling by the return carrier. It is recommended that all shipments be insured.
  • Out of Warranty Repairs will be returned to the customer freight collect or prepaid and added to the invoice, with method of shipment specified by the customer upon repair quote approval.
  • All warranty repairs will be shipped back to the customer via Ground Freight, no charge, appropriate for the size and weight of the product. Expedited shipping requests will be billed to the customer's freight account.

Damages during Shipment:

  • All new shipments are sent FOB origin and only insured upon customer request using the customer’s freight collect account. Comark is not responsible for damages that occur during shipping.
  • If product arrives at the destination damaged due to improper handling, it is the customer's responsibility to initiate a claim with the responsible carrier. Please notify Comark immediately and we will assist the customer in making their claim, providing shipment details as needed.
  • For RMA shipments to Comark that arrive damaged, Comark will contact the customer immediately. The customer will be responsible for initiating a claim with their carrier and arranging for inspection. Comark will provide assistance with processing the claim.