3 reasons why security automation is as cool as blockchain 

By March 29, 2018Product News

According to the report, a “dawning trend” is that automated security intelligence and breach response will unshackle security and risk. The other trends that received the same position were: IoT will shift computing toward the edge, distributed trust systems (i.e. Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and distributed ledgers) will challenge centralized authorities, and employee experience will redefine apps.  Security automation is as big of a deal as IoT and blockchain?  Yes! It’s time to start paying attention.

Let’s take a closer look at why we believe security automation will be such an important trend in 2018.

1. Organizations are buried by an avalanche of security alerts

Companies often use dozens of security products aimed at protection and detection. These systems funnel an ever-growing number of alerts and incident notifications to security teams. Most organizations use spreadsheets and email to manage responding to all these alerts. If a security organization can’t keep up with the volume of work, the typical solution is to add manpower. This approach simply cannot scale fast enough because the needed growth in manpower simply can’t keep pace with the growing volume of alerts. As a result, enterprises are slow to triage and mitigate security issues.  They also run the risk of a critical alert or response task getting overlooked or lost in the noise.

2. Breach containment lags due to manual processes

93 percent of cybersecurity professionals report that their efficiency is limited by manual processes. A huge portion of this manual work is related to triaging incidents. Every time an alert pops up, the security professional must research internal and external systems for context, criticality, who was impacted, and more. This can take minutes or hours. Multiply that by a thousand alerts a day and it’s easy to see how security teams run out of hours in a day. Fundamentally, we need a better way to keep up with the volume of security alerts because process bottlenecks are preventing organizations from scaling security response.

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