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What Should Your Ruggedized Edge Device Have Inside?

The ‘front end’ of a ruggedized mobile device is the tier the user sees and interacts with, such as an application (app) or website. The apps themselves can live remotely in the “back end” of the computing model or on the device, in the “middle” layer.

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What is a Ruggedized Device?

Ruggedized or hardened devices are different from consumer-grade devices in that they were engineered, manufactured, and tested to have increased durability, endurance, and strength.

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Industrial vs Consumer-Grade Computers

Consumer-grade computers are less expensive and easier to find than industrial computers. But, for many organizations, only industrial-grade edge computers will meet their needs.  How are industrial-grade computers different and what does that mean for organizations who are considering using them?  Building

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Migrate from Win 7 to Win 10 for a Secure Edge

Microsoft has ended support for Windows 7, which was released a decade ago, and extended security updates will end in 2023*. Microsoft advises IoT devices be migrated to Windows 10. The Comark Customer Success Team is reaching out to clients to provide

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