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COMARK introduces extended temperature ranges for the 9200 Forklift Computer

By September 25, 2019Product News

At COMARK, we are driven to ensure our solutions are carefully engineered to match our customers’ application.  

So when we received a request from a customer to ensure our COMARK-9200 Forklift computer would continue to operate in the sub-zero temperatures of an industrial freezer, we rose to the challenge. 

The COMARK-9200 is a tough enclosed computer, display and touchscreen with excellent vibration and temperature range.  It’s at home on a forklift moving pallets, as well as in oily machine shops and various greasy environments. But prior to this modification, it had not been tested for the extended temperature ranges of an industrial freezer environment. 

Our engineering team worked to ensure that whether the customer was moving pallets in and out of a freezer truck or pouring molten slag in a steel mill, the COMARK-9200 wide temperature range and vibration standards would withstand these environments. 

Working with the customer, our engineers identified what temperature ranges were needed and built in a heating option to the COMARK-9200. We tested the operation of the COMARK-9200 in our own lab, recreating extended temperatures and once we could ensure the continued operation of the COMARK-9200 to these temperatures, we released it to the customer. 

The results was the seamless operation from the regular warehouse environment, all the way into the subzero temperatures of the freezers. The customer can now count on the smooth movement of pallets across their warehouse floor regardless of the temperature or environment. 

The solution was so successful, we decided to extend this option to all customers who may be experiencing the same challenge. 

Several other improvements were made at the same time including more memory and faster processing speeds, as well as better Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology.

Learn more about the COMARK-9200. 

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