Mobile Transportation & Logistics Solutions

Seamlessly connect driver, vehicle, dispatch and customers using the Comark rugged tablets and in-vehicle computers mounted in one of our road-ready vehicle cradles.

The movement of goods and people from one location to another is an essential part of most every major business operation today.  Whether on the road, in the air, by rail or at sea, access to accurate real-time data can mean the difference between profit and loss.

Comark rugged tablets and in-vehicle computers help transportation managers and front line workers to capture and communicate mission critical data while increasing tasks and efficiencies.  Running multiple (and concurrent) wireless radios and featuring a variety of input options – including GPS, barcode scanners, and color cameras. The Comark rugged tablets were designed to assist in the movement of goods in a constant changing landscape.

  • Increased in-transit visibility with wireless communications and GPS.
  • Capture signatures, photos of damaged goods and proof of delivery with integrated imagers and color cameras.
  • Enable electronic driver vehicle inspection logs with tap and click forms.

The wireless communication and data capture capabilities available on Comark rugged tablet and in-vehicle computers can help increase efficiencies – reducing transportation and delivery costs while improving customer satisfaction.