Mobile Warehouse & Distribution Solutions

Manage factory floor operations, material handling activities, quality control inspections and more, using the integrated data collection technologies available on all Comark vehicle mount terminals.

In today’s world of “just-in-time” manufacturing and distribution, the need for a leaner, more efficient supply chain is more important than ever. Communication, data capture and collaboration across the entire supply network requires accurate, up-to-date information from the factory floor to warehouse and beyond.

With an ERP or WMS solution built around a Comark vehicle mount computer, manufacturing and distribution operations can function at the peak of operating efficiency. Built to operate in the harshest of industrial environments, Comark rugged devices come equipped with features like integrated barcode scanners, multiple (and concurrent) wireless radio technologies, biometric security and more. With a Comark rugged tablet, manufacturing and warehousing professionals can:

  • Track raw materials, finished products and completed orders throughout every stage of the supply chain using data capture technologies.
  • Increase warehouse productivity while improving material handling safety thanks to use of compact, daylight readable touchscreen displays.
  • Increase overall productivity running standard desktop applications on powerful Intel processors with your choice of operating system.

Reduce costs, increasing operational efficiencies and improving customer service, across the entire manufacturing and distribution spectrum using Comark rugged industrial devices.