COMARK’s Custom Engineered Solution Improves Reliability and Saves Time and Money for Leading Manufacturer of Industrial Gas Turbines.

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Custom Engineered


Our client is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial gas turbines. Our products play a critical role in their efforts to support the development of oil, natural gas and power generation projects around the world.

The challenge

The client was experiencing an abundance of touch screen failures in their operations with a competitor product that incorporated resistive technology. The failure rate resulted in various complications, including higher repair costs and a loss of trust and capital with their customers. There was an urgent need to solve the problem quickly and regain trust in the performance of their end products, and so the company approached COMARK for help.

Defining the Problem:

The initial engagement started with the COMARK sales team meeting with the customer and understanding the problem, then engaging the COMARK engineering organization.

Mapping out the application

Working in collaboration with the client, COMARK’s engineering team mapped out the application, gaining a complete understanding of the failure modes with the current supplier’s product.  Our engineering community was able to quickly identify the issues with their current design which led to building out the requirements for a new, custom engineered solution which would eliminate the issues the client was experiencing in the field.

Building requirements

One of the requirements of the new solution was that the products would need to work across environments around the world, including extreme heat and cold, and other conditions that the product would face when operating in the industrial gas turbines operational climate.

Engineering the solution

COMARK’s approach of innovation through collaboration meant that we were engaging the client throughout the design process, and sharing our findings and proposed solution with the customer all the way. One of the key differences in the COMARK product design was migrating from a resistive touch screen to a PCAP touch screen

Faster Testing and gaining Agency approvals with COMARK’s in-house testing capabilities

Throughout the design process, we also needed to take into account the agency approvals required by the client. COMARK’s internal testing capabilities have always saved our customers time and money by cutting out the need for third party testing prior to seeking agency approval – and this came into play here. Our in-testing capabilities also helps us provide a faster time to market – which was particularly important for this client as they were actively experiencing failure in the field with their current product. Specifically, we tested for EMI, shock and vibration. We were able to replicate the high vibration levels experienced during agency HALT testing, paving the way to gain customer approval.

The pre-work and preparation that was completed up front made it faster for the product to gain all the agency approvals required for the end product. The resulting custom engineered products were approved by the client for use in the most challenging environments in which they deploy their products.

Building the prototype

The custom solution was sent to the customers HALT test facility, where it passed all testing and was approved by our customer. The prototype was then installed in a live site.

The result

Our client was able to resolve the failures they were experiencing in the field, and reduce the costs and time of repairs and downtime. They also now have the confidence and trust that this new solution will work reliably throughout all rugged environments.

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