Company Update: Coronavirus response planning

Company Update: Coronavirus response planning

The unfortunate events of the Coronavirus have impacted the global supply chain. Comark is actively working with our suppliers to fully understand the exposure. We continue to work on this real time as the information from our vendors is constantly changing and Comark is working to mitigate impact to our valued customers.

Comark maintains a Coronavirus impacted parts list that is updated real time so we can identify potential problems and work to resolve them as quickly as possible. Comark will proactively reach out to customers as soon as we have specific information on impact to their orders and/or part numbers consistently ordered.

We are getting indications that lead times for future orders will be pushed out. The duration of these increased lead times is unknown.  In order to help our customers meet their requirements it is advised that you place your orders early so our procurement team can begin to secure material. This may help mitigate any lead time increase.

Comark Management is closely monitoring the impact of the Coronavirus and putting policies in place to protect our workforce. It is our hope that this situation is resolved quickly first and foremost for the people affected.  Even when the flow of material starts again there will be delays as factories begin to catch up on the overdue backlog.  The sooner orders are placed with Comark, we will be able to access any effects caused by the current supply chain.  Comark’s procurement team is also looking at other supply chain channels to help spread the risk of component issues.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

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