Why Facility Managers Can’t Afford to be Complacent About Tech 

By February 28, 2018Product News

Now that the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and mobile computing are becoming commonplace in facilities, managers must stay ahead of the learning curve, replacing outmoded technology to keep pace with innovative solutions that allow for efficient operations. All facilities, regardless of type, are susceptible to system disruptions. With IIoT, facility managers have new capabilities to deal with failing systems and can modify their O&M posture altogether

Consider the existing maintenance approaches. We can all agree that reactive maintenance — responding to a malfunction only after a machine has been rendered unusable — is not the optimal practice. Preventive maintenance (PM), on the other hand, is intended to keep machines running based on regularly scheduled maintenance intervals. This does not, however, guarantee that all malfunctions will be caught in a timely manner, as malfunctions can develop rapidly and potentially right after a PM inspection. When something does break, even mere minutes of downtime can cost a facility thousands of dollars and potential harm to a brand and customer loyalty. For example, in August 2016, Delta airlines lost $150 million for a single day of data center outage. For many organizations, such downtime is not an option.

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