Global Industrial Automation Transformed Markets 2017-2022 

By November 11, 2017Product News

This research evaluates the technologies, companies, solutions and market outlook for MEC, 5G, and Teleoperation.

This research also evaluates the impact of 5G in IoT across infrastructure components including hardware, processors, embedded devices, software, and cloud-based service platforms. This research also analyzes Teleoperation (operation of a machine at a distance), tele-robotics, and other areas that rely upon interface and control of real objects by virtual objects. It includes detailed forecasts through 2017 for each technology and related solutions, applications, and services.

Fifth generation (5G) cellular and Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) are two technologies that are poised to fundamentally transform many industry verticals.

Teleoperation will also be transformed by Digital Twinning, which refers to the mapping of the physical world to the digital world in which Internet of Things (IoT) Platforms and Software are leveraged to create a digital representation of physical object or asset. The Digital Twin of a physical object can provide data about the asset such as its physical state and disposition. There are many potential use cases for Digital Twinning including monitoring, simulation, and remote control of physical assets with virtual objects.

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