6 Slot Picmg 1.0 Backplane With 4 Pci/2 Isa Expansion Slots, 2 Picmg Sbc Slots With At/Atx Power Connector

Family: Backplane
Product Number: TCS-027-01501
Brand: Comark

Description: 6 Slot PICMG 1.0 backplane with 4 PCI/2 ISA expansion slots, 2 PICMG SBC Slots with AT/ATX power connector
Features: RoHS Compliant 6 Slot Backplane


Backplane: 4 Slot

Slot Type:
1 x PICMG 1.0
4 x PCI 32bit/33MHz
2 x ISA

Power: AT / ATX

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