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Food & Beverage

Comark Food Processing Panel PC’s meet the demanding requirements of food and beverage manufacturing and consumer packaged goods industries. In general, industrial controls used in food processing applications require them to be fully sealed, IP65 rated for hygienic sanitary processing wash down applications, protecting internal components from harsh or corrosive environments and high pressure cleaners.

Comark industrial automation edge computing products are also used for packaging for the food and beverage industry to monitor filling, bottling, and wrapping.

Computers and Displays

Agriculture Automation

Comark provides state-of-the-art farming technology and agricultural control solutions that are specifically configured to meet the varied demands of this essential industry. Comark’s Industrial Agriculture Computer Displays are designed for use in extreme environments, offering complete control of agricultural equipment ranging from irrigation systems to tractor fleets. With precise geographic information systems, rugged construction, and unmatched edge computing power, Comark’s farming control systems provide customized agriculture management like never before. Regardless of the specific requirements of your farming operation, our resilient PCs and computing systems are guaranteed to meet your needs.
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