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Comark specializes in edge computing and display solutions in train, railway, light rail vehicle, and rolling stock applications. Comark can accommodate the requirements for any specialized train computer or display and offers rapid product development and EN50155 certification for operator displays, NVR, passenger counter computers, digital signage controllers, door monitoring computers, and other train and railway applications. Comark offers a variety of in-vehicle computers and displays designed for operation within trucks, buses, trains, and marine vehicles. These systems are designed for use in rugged environments.
Custom-Engineered Ruggedized Edge Solutions

Our clients rely on us to help them design, test, and manufacture ruggedized, custom engineered edge/embedded devices for even the most complex needs.

Featured Case Study

Modernizing a Nationwide Indoor/Outdoor Package Sorting System

A global logistics giant needed help when the mission critical technology it relied on for package tracking was declared “end-of-life” by the vendor that created it with no replacement offering. This hardware and software system was at the core of the client’s business, sorting and tracking packages as they were routed in each of its U.S. sorting hubs. From warehouses to airports, each hub presented a unique, extreme environment for this mission critical equipment.  

Fortunately, the Comark design team was quickly able to engineer and manufacture a new ruggedized tablet computer with touchscreen that mounted to the existing infrastructure and linked to the rest of the package tracking system with stable, long range Bluetooth connection. 

The harsh environmental conditions and complex functionality required using the team’s experience of designing mission critical edge computing devices for military and oil and gas markets. This included addressing: 

  • A high vibration and high shock environment 
  • High temperature and high humidity environments 
  • Significant range for wireless communication 
  • Ability to support existing software and upcoming leading-edge software  

The client was so pleased with the solution provided – including the fast design and rapid in-house prototyping and manufacturing – that they intend to deploy this solution across hubs globally. 


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