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Improve Operations Through Customer Experience

Even before COVID and the move to touchless interactions, modern retailers were moving to edge computing. These Internet-connected devices are now ubiquitous in customer-facing environments.

However, innovative organizations have also been implementing Internet-of-things (IoT) devices behind the scenes to increase return-on-investment, increase security, and extract valuable customer data that can give them a competitive advantage.

That’s because today’s state-of-the-art edge computing can solve both organizational challenges and improve the customer journey.

Comark has helped brands around the world deploy edge devices from back end analytics to customer-facing devices. Most are customized to specific brand processes or physical environments but all are ruggedized for longer life cycle and return-on-investment (ROI). 

Choose from a variety of device types, sizes, and function to meet your specific needs and move to smart retail.

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Custom-Engineered Ruggedized Edge Solutions

Our clients rely on us to help them design, test, and manufacture ruggedized, custom engineered edge/embedded devices for even the most complex needs.  

Featured Case Study

A Single Solution for Scanning, Tracking Inventory, Transactions, and Recharging

A major clothing retailer wanted to reduce long customer wait times at the register and, instead, handle transactions throughout stores with a solution that could also reflect accurate inventory data. However, the client did not want to replace components it was already using, including wireless point-of sale (PoS) credit-card processing devices. 

The client also wanted a way to charge those PoS devices when they were not in use. On top of all that, the end solution also had to include a new scanner that could connect to the inventory data. 

Comark met this complex challenge with a ruggedized tablet computer that featured a display screen and extended wireless range. The tablet also had a custom bracket/sled design that allowed the PoS device to magnetically mount to the back of the tablet for storage and charging. The bracket also housed a new 2D barcode scanner. 

The team developed this complex solution remarkably quickly by: 

  • Using standard hardware and software interfaces of customer-specified modules  
  • Assigning a multi-disciplinary in-house engineering team to handle all the design aspects, including electrical, mechanical, and software
Common Use Cases

Retail Use Cases

  • Mobile payments and queue management
  • Customer experience and fulfillment
  • Logistics, inventory, and supply chain
  • Store analytics (i.e., visitor demographics​, instore space optimization​)
  • Loss prevention and security
Commonly Requested Solutions

Retail Solutions

  • Ruggedized tablets and PDAs
  • Ruggedized displays
  • Edge servers and storage devices
  • Ruggedized node and panel computers
  • Ruggedized desktops and workstations

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