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Nematron® Products for Retail

Redefining Retail Experiences Through Innovative Technology.

Step into the future of retail with Nematron® by Comark. Our cutting-edge computers and displays have been tailored to cater to the dynamic needs of the retail environment, ensuring businesses thrive in today’s digital era. From enhancing in-store experiences to simplifying backend operations, we have your retail solutions covered.

  • Engaging Point-of-Sale Systems: Our computers and displays offer intuitive interfaces and quick processing, ensuring seamless checkout experiences for customers.
  • Dynamic Digital Signage: Elevate in-store marketing with vibrant visuals, interactive promotions, and real-time display updates.
  • Inventory Management: Streamlined inventory monitoring and reordering processes ensure optimal stock levels and minimize overhead costs.
  • Data Security: Built with the highest security protocols, our systems safeguard customer data and transaction details, ensuring a trust-filled shopping environment.

Move to Smarter Retail

by Taking Advantage of Edge Computing

Modern retailers have been moving to edge computing and implementing Internet-of-things (IoT) devices behind the scenes to increase return-on-investment, increase security, and extract valuable customer data that can give them a competitive advantage.

Today’s state-of-the-art edge computing can solve both organizational challenges and improve the customer journey.

Comark has helped brands around the world deploy edge devices from back end analytics to customer-facing devices.

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Custom Engineering

Edge Solutions for the Most Complex Industrial Automation Needs

Comark custom engineers all elements of even the most complex ruggedized edge hardware solution. We are able to quickly deliver unique designs by building on our strong foundation of base components and patented elements developed over many years.

Our clients rely on us to help them design, test, and manufacture ruggedized, custom engineered edge/embedded devices that:

  • Streamline industrial automation systems with the latest technologies.
  • Meet ever-changing safety standards, laws, and public expectations.
  • Innovate new solutions to technical challenges.
  • Have long product life cycles and maintain form factors.

Featured Case Study

A Single Solution for Scanning, Tracking Inventory, Transactions, and Recharging

A major clothing retailer wanted to reduce long customer wait times at the register and, instead, handle transactions throughout stores with a solution that could also reflect accurate inventory data. However, the client did not want to replace components it was already using, including wireless point-of sale (PoS) credit-card processing devices.

The client also wanted a way to charge those PoS devices when they were not in use. On top of all that, the end solution also had to include a new scanner that could connect to the inventory data.

Comark met this complex challenge with a ruggedized tablet computer that featured a display screen and extended wireless range. The tablet also had a custom bracket/sled design that allowed the PoS device to magnetically mount to the back of the tablet for storage and charging. The bracket also housed a new 2D barcode scanner.

The team developed this complex solution remarkably quickly by:

  • Using standard hardware and software interfaces of customer-specified modules
  • Assigning a multi-disciplinary in-house engineering team to handle all the design aspects, including electrical, mechanical, and software


Solutions certified to meet your requirements
ITAR Compliant Registered Manufacturer
NFPA 72/UL 864

FCC Marking (U.S.), CE Marking (EU),
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UL61010 and UL62368

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