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The Internet of Things Era: 6 Ways to Stay Safe

By September 22, 2018Press Releases

The IoT is full of promise, but it also means more cyberthreats, so you need to stay safe.

Cyber intruders spied on kids and parents through baby monitors. Smart locks on hundreds of homes failed after a software update. Cyber creeps used malware to steal personal data and peer through webcams. Stalkers have tracked victims through spyware on their phones.

While the Internet of Things (IoT) is full of promise and can, in many ways, make our lives easier, it comes at a cost. The devices that we carry around in our pockets and place in our homes control access to our possessions, and our most intimate personal details. In the wrong hands, those gadgets have the power to put our physical safety at risk.

Gone are the early days of cyberthreats, when infecting someone’s computer with a virus basically meant giving them a floppy disk. The internet has made it very easy for people to install malware and transmit viruses. Today, cybercriminals use automated tools to attack millions of devices at once. As we look to the future, the connected home will mean an explosion in devices.

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