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The Internet of Things: Where are we so slowly heading?

By November 4, 2019Product News

We set our hopes on IoT more than on anything else nowadays. Some of the benefits we expect from it include better control of systems, more real-time data about them, and a greater number of decisions the smart devices can make when interacting with each other. Juniper Research predicts that the number of devices and sensors constituting the Internet of Things will reach 50 billion by 2022. That’s a little more than six devices per user.

The enthusiasm of those who rely on a breakthrough potential of this ecosystem is astonishing. This enthusiasm makes people disregard the technological restrictions that may slow down the anticipated changes in everyday life, business, and IT. Are we approaching a triumph of the fourth industrial revolution? Maybe we are, except that we will have to go through quite a few transitional stages, such as pre-revolution v3.4.5 and the like.

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The force of things

There is a tremendous unbridged gap in society when it comes to tech-savviness. Some people got on the digital hype train when they were already adults. Moreover, they did it with a smartphone in their hands, having skipped the old school Web addiction phase, and being clueless about how to take a screenshot on a PC. The others feel bitter about the slow progress of humanity in terms of reaching the technological singularity.

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