Business IoT “growing faster than one would think”

By September 8, 2018Product News

The Internet of Things (IoT) phenomenon is a major talking point right now in the world of innovation, more specifically how it will grow and develop in the future. With the many challenges that IOT brings, such is the case with any developing aspect of innovation, comes the inevitable curiosity.

Cutting out the middle man

One such challenge will be the utilisation of IoT within the business sector, otherwise known as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), to toughen up bridges between manufacturers and customers.

The seeds of this development are already present within the use of automated phone call systems and online chat bots.

But the Chief Evangelist and Vice-President of Business Process Management Technology of customer relationship software company Pegasystems, Setrag Khoshafian, says that although it’s in its infancy, the integration of IoT within businesses “is growing faster than one would think”, referencing voice activation software such as Alexa, Google Assistant and OnStar as an aspect that could thrive in a business setting.

“There’s no reason why not, and also our devices, our cars, like OnStar is a customer of Pega, and the routing of the calls happens with Pega decision-making.”

“So the OnStar use case I think is a very good use case.”

“What people are experiencing in their homes, they want the same thing in their business, to talk to.”

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