Merging Internet Of Things And Blockchain In Preparation For The Future

By April 14, 2019Product News

The ‘Big Four’ technologies of the future are beginning to force themselves to the fore as companies start to dabble in the likes of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT), as well as Big Data. However, as these four spring from their embryonic stages, issues and concerns are being heeded about their growth.

It is for this reason that many people and companies are starting to wonder if the problems cannot be solved by combining the technologies. Big Data, as a cornerstone component, can be useful when combined with of both AI and Blockchain, but, perhaps the combination of IoT and blockchain can again help the advancement of these two technologies.

Blockchain has slowed in its adoption and growth, but its application is broad and comprehensive. Thus it can benefit, as well as help benefit, the likes of AI and IoT. However, Blockchain can also have a significant role to play in helping IoT along.

The growth of IoT is still moving along, but it too has slowed because many have realised that mastering this network of smart ‘things’ is far harder than they could have imagined. Issues of security and timelines of implementation have caused the hype around IoT to simmer down. In a similar vein, this has also happened in Blockchain.

It is because IoT and Blockchain find themselves in similar places when it comes to adoption that their combination may be able to help each other out and solve some of the significant concerns that have dogged them individually.

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