Military Grade 42" 16:9 Bulkhead Mount Display AC Touch

Need an extra-large monitor with great resolution and infrared capability? Look no further than the Comark Military 42″ 16:9 Bulkhead Mount Display AC Touch. This MilSpec certified 1920×1080 display can be bulkhead mounted and has military or standard commercial video options with VGA, DVI, HDMI ports so you can connect to, clearly see, and interact with the data you need. All Comark displays can be further customized to meet specific industry or technical needs.


MIL-STD-167 Vibration (U.S.), MIL-STD-461 EMI/EMC (U.S.), MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-901-D Shock (U.S.)


Military Grade 42-inch Bulkhead Mount Display AC Touch Datasheet Comark

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