UL 2572

Fire & Life Safety Secure Workstation

Encased in an impact resistant steel housing, the Comark Fire & Life Safety Secure Workstation is the ideal choice when conditions are too harsh for a standard desktop computer. But, with 6th/7th Gen or Xeon E5 Intel processors, up to 1TB SSD and up To 4TB 3.5″ HD storage, and up to 256GB 2666MHz DDR, you’ll still get the performance you need. This personal computer is popular with fire and life safety/building safety and automation customers because it meets UL864, ULC-S527-11, and is UL 2572 Recognized. However, its rugged, impact-resistant steel case also makes it well-suited for manufacturing, and a UL-approved keyboard and mouse expands its uses to government and other industries. All Comark workstations can be further customized to meet specific industry or technical needs.


NFPA (72 (U.S.) UL 864, UL 2572, ULC-S527-11


O-Series Secure Workstation Datasheet

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