TabletArmor® Mounting Accessories

TabletArmor enclosures have a modern sleek look that can be used in any business environment. The enclosures are strong, sleek, and elegant and provide a seamless interface with optional peripherals and mounting accessories. Comark offers an innovative mounting system that provides different mounting heights, security and ultimate flexibility for countertop applications or a perfect 60° slant countertop interface for any TabletArmor enclosure. Its sleek modern design enhances any customer interface application.

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Mounting Options

Countertop Mounting System

Mounts directly to the bottom of the countertop. Six bolts secure it to the countertop giving it a stout secure feel when utilizing the TabletArmor touch screen. Available in three adjustable heights 4.25″, 6.5″, and 9.0″ with a hollow cavity gives ample space for most cables used in a TabletArmor application.

The adjustable friction tilt gives users on-demand positioning or can be locked in any of the seven tilt positions. The adjustable swivel gives users the freedom to swivel the TabletArmor so it can be viewed at different angles by other users. It can also be locked in a fixed position and in either landscape or portrait orientation. Unlock for a full 90° rotation of the TabletArmor enclosure.

Fixed 60° mount

The sphere shape adds an attractive look to any TabetArmor installation. Perfect for any fixed mount application with a fixed 60° slant mounting. It is made of rugged ABS plastic and can be mounted on top or under the countertop. Secures all the cables from public access by enclosing them within the interior cavity. Add the options heavy base for applications that do not require fastening the TabletArmor to the countertop.

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