Improve performance with a 2U rack mount computer

When you need highly reliable computing power for industrial automation and building control applications, an industrial 2U rack mount computer combines performance, reliability and durability in a space-saving form factor. An industrial 2U rackmount PC is ideal for department-level or small business database applications, email server and storage, virtualization, or critical business applications in decision-support and e-commerce.

Comark is a trusted provider of highly reliable industrial computer equipment and displays for control applications and mission-critical automation. With hundreds of thousands of computer systems installed worldwide, Comark is a trusted partner to customers who need their equipment to work in the harshest and most hazardous conditions on the planet.

What to look for in a 2U rack mount

A 2U rack mount computer provides an upgrade in storage capacity and computing power from a 1U rackmount PC while reducing the cost of acquisition, cooling and power consumption. At the same time, a 2U rackmount offers greater flexibility than a 4U rackmount PC, enabling IT teams to more easily build a server rack that can accommodate computer needs both today and tomorrow.

When choosing a 2U rack mount computer, essential features should include:

  • International certifications that provide assurances for the quality and performance required for specific applications such as fire & life safety and industrial automation.
  • Long product lifecycles with available upgrade paths that enable IT teams to standardize on specific configurations.
  • Accelerated lead times that can accommodate the urgent need for mission-critical technology.
  • Superior reliability that ensures a 2U rack mount computer can deliver reliable performance despite temperature extremes, shock and vibration, electromagnetic interference, exposure to water and the presence of dust and dirt in the workspace.

Industrial Rackmount Solutions

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Comark: a premiere source for 2U rack mount computers

For more than 40 years, Comark has been providing customers throughout the world with access to rugged computer and display technology designed to work reliably where other machines fail. With a proven track record of reliability and an impeccable reputation for customer service, we offer off-the-shelf and custom-engineered solutions that ensure our customers can acquire the technology they need to power applications in industrial automation, building control and fire & life safety.

A Comark rackmount computer is designed to provide superior performance, exceptional reliability and long lifecycle support, enabling our customers to count on exceptional results today and in the future.

Our 2U and 4U rack mount options

Comark offers both 4U and 2U rack mount computers with several different certifications.

Fire & life safety and building automation

With UL 864 approvals, Comark industrial rackmount servers for fire & life safety and building automation are built with all metal construction chassis and Intel® high-performance processors, with options for hot swappable drives and power switches with lockable front doors. Designed to support highly intensive computing applications, these rackmount systems are also ideal for server farms, cloud computing and thin client server applications. Our offerings include:

  • High Performance 2U Rackmount with 6th Gen Intel® Processors and PCI/PCIe Expansion. This high-performance 2U rack mount computer includes both ATX base I/O and PICMG 1.3 base I/O options along with SSD or HD storage, up to 32 GB memory, RAID options incorporated into the motherboard, and a 650W power supply.
  • ATX Dual Xeon™ 4U Rackmount PC with PCI/PCIe Expansion. This ultra-high-performance dual Xeon rackmount system includes SSD or HD storage, multiple I/O interfaces, up 256 GB memory and a 650W power supply.
  • High Performance 4U Rackmount with 6th Gen Intel® Processors and PCI/PCIe Expansion. This 4U industrial rackmount PC offers Intel® i3/i5/i7 6th gen processors, up to 16 GB memory, SSD or HD storage, a 650W power supply and options for ATX base I/O or PICMG 1.3 base I/O.

Industrial automation

Our rackmount computers for industrial building automation include the ATX Dual Xeon™ 4U Rackmount PC (listed above) as well as:

  • 2U 12240 Industrial Rackmount Computer. This system features a dual Xeon processor with a 650W redundant power supply, a replaceable air filter, up to four hot-swappable SATA hard drives and a minimum 5-year lifecycle.
  • 4U 8580 Industrial Rackmount Computer. This system features a 6th generation Intel i7/i5/i3 chipset with options for hot swappable drives, a high-temp burn-in @ 49°C, a replaceable air filter and fan monitoring solutions.

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Advantages of a Comark 2U rack mount computer

When you choose a 2U rack mount computer from Comark, you can rely on:

  • Unsurpassed reliability. Our rugged computer and display solutions are built to deliver superior and continuous performance in the most challenging conditions on the planet.
  • Best-in-class lead times. Because our customers' deadlines for delivery and implementation are business-critical, we work diligently to ensure that we can deliver rugged rackmount solutions on accelerated timelines.
  • 5-year product lifecycles. Our systems are guaranteed for a product lifecycle with a minimum of five years, along with an available upgrade path that ensures our customers can count on their Comark machines for years to come.

FAQs: what is a 2U rack mount computer?

A rackmount computer is a computer server or storage device that is housed in a chassis which can be mounted in a standard server rack. A server rack enables multiple devices to be housed within a vertical tower that occupies a small footprint in the data center, while providing optimal space between devices for cooling and easier organization of cables and shared networking resources.

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A 2U rack mount computer is a computer that occupies two units, or 2U, within a server rack. A unit is equal to 1.75" (44.45 mm) in height. A standard server rack has 42 units.

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