Ensure high performance with a rugged 2U rackmount PC

An industrial 2U rackmount PC provides rugged computing power for mission-critical applications in industrial automation, building control and fire & life safety. Combining considerable processing power and storage capacity with a space-saving form factor, a 2U rack mount computer can be an ideal high-performance option for applications in engineering, finance, medicine, education and entertainment.

As a world-class provider of smarter automation solutions and IIoT platforms, Comark provides 2U rackmount PCs and other industrial rackmount computer solutions that offer superior performance and reliability in the harsh and hazardous conditions of industrial and military environments.

The advantages of an industrial 2U rackmount PC

An industrial 2U rackmount PC can be the ideal rackmount computer for environments that require:

  • Superior performance in harsh conditions. Industrial rackmounts are built with components that enable continuous and superior performance despite extreme temperatures, shock and vibration and exposure to water, dust and dirt in industrial and military environments.
  • Longer product lifecycles. An industrial rackmount will provide reliable performance for far longer than consumer-grade technology, enabling IT teams to standardize on configurations for a multi-year timeframe.
  • Space-saving form factor. A 2U rackmount PC offers an ideal compromise between physical size and power/capacity.
  • More flexibility than a 1U rackmount PC. While a 1U server occupies less space in a server rack, a 2U rackmount provides more drive bays and expansion options, offering IT teams greater flexibility for configuring a server rack with the processing power and storage capacity for industrial workloads.

Industrial Rackmount Solutions

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2U rackmount PCs from Comark

Comark engineers highly reliable, rugged computer and display technology for customers who need to trust that their equipment will work in the harshest environments in the world. With a proven track record of unparalleled reliability and design excellence, Comark enables companies in a broad range of industries to deploy computers and displays that work in conditions where other machines fail.

Our industrial 2U rackmount PCs are built with reliability that enables our customers to power mission-critical applications in the most challenging environments. Comark rackmount servers are used in industries that include fire & life safety, oil & gas, agriculture, food & beverage, machine tools, automotive, water & waste water, transportation, petrochemical and others.

Comark options for rackmount computers

Comark 2U rackmount PC computers include technology for:

  • Industrial automation. Our high performance 2U Rackmount with 6th Gen Intel® Processors and PCI/PCIe Expansion is UL 60950-certified and is designed for long life and unprecedented reliability. This 2U rackmount PC includes 6th generation Intel® i3/i5/i7 Processors, SSD or HD storage with up to 16 GB memory, hot swap drive bay options and a broad range of options for ATX base I/O and PICMG 1.3 base I/O.
  • Fire & life safety/building automation. Our 2U Industrial Rackmount Computer is a UL 864-approved device that features an Intel® Xeon 5500/6600 Series processor with up to six-core technology. This 2U rackmount PC offers memory up to 96 GB (2 DIMM slots registered), ECC or 24 GB unbuffered ECC up to 1333Hz. Additional features include a 400W ATX redundant power supply, up to 4 hot swappable SATA hard drives and a high temp burn-in @ 49˚C.


We also offer 4U rackmount PCs that include:

  • High Performance 4U Rackmount with 6th Gen Intel® Processors and PCI/PCIe Expansion. This 4U rackmount server is powered by Intel® i3/i5/i7 6th gen processors, with ATX base I/O and PICMG 1.3 base I/O options, up to 16 GB memory, SSD or HD storage and options for up to 2 hot swap drive bays.
  • ATX Dual Xeon™ 4U Rackmount PC - High Performance Rackmount with PCI/PCIe Expansion. This Nematron brand dual Xeon 4U rackmount computer offers SSD or HD storage, ATX base I/O options, up to 256 GB memory, RAID options and UL 60950, UL 61010, UL864, CE and FCC certifications.
  • 8580 Rackmount Computer. This 4U rackmount PC, designed for building automation and mass notification applications, features 6th generation Intel i5/i7 or dual Xeon processing options, along with a minimum 5-year lifecycle, options for hot swappable drives, a high-temp burn-in at 49°C, and fan monitoring solutions.

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With Comark, trust is built in

At Comark, trust is built into every aspect of our business, our products and our relationships with customers. Our customers know they can trust us to deliver products with unsurpassed reliability, allowing them to achieve higher uptime levels. They trust that our team can custom engineer solutions – even for low- to mid-volume orders – when our off-the-shelf solutions don't meet their exact requirements. They trust us to offer a 5-year guaranteed minimum product lifecycle, making it possible to reduce their total cost of ownership. And they trust our R&D team to continually create industry-leading solutions that solve their challenges in new and innovative ways.

FAQs: what is a 2U rackmount PC?

2U rackmount PC is a computer server or storage device that is built with an external chassis that enables it to be mounted in a standard server rack, occupying two units (2U) of a standard rack. A unit is the equivalent of 1.75" (44.45 mm) in height – a standard server rack holds 42 units.

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A 2U rackmount PC offers a balance of compact size and ample processing power and storage capacity. A 2U rackmount delivers higher performance and lower power consumption than most 1U rackmounts, while providing more flexibility for server tower configuration than 4U devices.

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An industrial rackmount PC is built with components that enable it to withstand the temperature extremes, shock and vibration, and the exposure to water, dust and dirt that are common in industrial and military computing environments. An industrial rackmount PC will deliver more reliable performance and a longer product lifecycle than consumer grade counterparts.

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