The power of a 4U rackmount computer

For high-performance computing power in harsh and hazardous conditions, an industrial 4U rackmount computer can provide exceptional reliability and superior performance. The rackmount form factor also enables faster installation, easier maintenance and greater flexibility for managing networking and cabling.

As a leading manufacturer of innovative and highly engineered industrial computers, Comark provides several options for a 4U rackmount computer designed to work in the harshest environments around the world.

Features of an industrial 4U rackmount

When you need computing technology you can trust to power industrial automation, building control and fire and life safety applications, a 4U industrial rackmount computer provides:

  • Superior performance. Industrial computers are built for the high-performance computing requirements of industrial applications, automation and artificial intelligence.
  • Greater flexibility. A 4U rackmount PC provides many more drive bays and I/O expansion slots than a 1U rackmount PC or 2U rackmount PC, delivering more flexibility as IT teams configure processing power and storage capacity for the specific requirements of industrial workloads.
  • Rugged reliability. An industrial rackmount computer is designed to work reliably in the harsh computing environments of industrial and military applications, withstanding high temperatures, shock and vibration, the presence of dust and dirt and exposure to water.
  • Longer lifecycle. An industrial 4U rackmount computer will continue to perform and to provide replacement parts and upgrade paths for years longer than standard consumer-grade PCs, enabling IT teams to standardize on specific configurations.
  • Tighter security. The ability to lock a 4U rackmount computer within the chassis of a server rack provides additional protection against unauthorized access.

Industrial Rackmount Solutions

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Comark: rugged 4U rackmount computers

Comark is been a trusted provider of highly reliable, ruggedized computer and display technology for more than four decades. Backed by an impeccable track record for reliability and customer service, we offer a selection of off-the-shelf rackmount computers, and we can custom engineer solutions when our customers have highly specific project requirements.

Our 4U rackmount computers are designed for unprecedented reliability and offer certifications that include UL 864, CE, FCC, UL 60950 and UL 61010. With a minimum 5-year product lifecycle and best-in-class lead times, Comark can quickly provide the rugged rackmount technology required for any industrial or building automation environment.

4U rackmount options from Comark

Comark offers several options for an industrial 4U rackmount computer.

  • 8580 Rackmount Computer. This 4U rackmount PC, ideal for building automation and mass notification applications, features 6th generation Intel i5/i7 or dual Xeon processing options, along with options for hot swappable drives, a high-temp burn-in at 49°C, fan monitoring solutions and a minimum 5-year lifecycle.
  • High Performance 4U Rackmount with 6th Gen Intel® Processors and PCI/PCIe Expansion. This 4U rackmount computer offers ATX base I/O and PICMG 1.3 base I/O options with Intel® i3/i5/i7 6th gen processors, up to 16 GB memory, SSD or HD storage and options for up to 2 hot swap drive bays.
  • ATX Dual Xeon™ 4U rackmount PC - High Performance Rackmount with PCI/PCIe Expansion. This dual Xeon rackmount PC computer system is designed specifically for highly intensive computing applications. Built on an all metal construction chassis, it provides hot swappable drive options, a lockable front door to protect the power switch and a wide range of ATX base I/O options.


Additionally, Comark provides options for a 2U rack mount computer for fire & life safety or for building automation applications.

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Why customers turn to Comark

When choosing 4U rackmount computers from Comark, customers can count on:

  • Certified technology that meets or exceeds the requirements for a wide range of international standards.
  • Superior reliability that ensures continued performance, thanks to products that are innovatively designed, highly engineered and built with high-quality, rugged components.
  • Accelerated delivery schedules that enable us to deliver best-in-class lead times.
  • Greater longevity, thanks to a guaranteed minimum 5-year product lifecycle and an available upgrade path that ensures that Comark equipment can continue to deliver value and performance for years to come.

FAQs: what is a 4U rackmount computer

A rackmount computer is a server or storage device that can be mounted in a standard server rack – a chassis or tower that is designed for installation of multiple servers or computers.

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A 4U rackmount is a computer that occupies four units, or 4U, of space within a server rack. One unit is equivalent to 1.75 inches (44.55 mm) in height. A standard server rack can hold 42U of rackmount equipment.

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An industrial 4U rackmount computer is built with components that can withstand the harsh conditions of industrial environments and other hazardous workspaces, providing superior performance, greater durability, longer product lifecycles and mission-critical reliability. The 4U factor offers the potential for maximum processing power and storage capacity.

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