The reliability of an industrial 4U rackmount PC

For mission-critical applications in industrial, building automation and fire and life safety environments, an industrial 4U rackmount PC can deliver the high-performance computing power that these systems require.

As a leading provider of rugged computers and displays for customers around the world, Comark provides a trio of off-the-shelf industrial 4U rackmount computer products along with the ability to custom-engineer a rackmount computer to a customer's exact needs.

Essential features of a 4U rackmount PC

A 4U rackmount PC is the clear choice when your computing environment requires:

  • Unparalleled reliability. Industrial 4U rackmount PCs are constructed with rugged components that are rigorously tested to ensure they can stand up to the challenging requirements and harsh environments of industrial computing, ensuring higher uptime for mission-critical applications.
  • Exceptional performance. Industrial rackmount PC products are among the highest performing systems available for industrial computing. A 4U rackmount PC is the perfect choice to provide computing power for everything from cloud computing platforms and server farms to building automation systems and fire & life safety applications.
  • Greater longevity. A rugged 4U rackmount PC last years longer than standard hardware, making it simpler for IT teams to standardize on a configuration in order to reduce TCO over time.
  • Maximum flexibility. 4U rackmount PCs tend to offer many more I/O expansion slots, enabling IT teams to more easily customize systems to meet specific business and computing requirements.
  • Heightened security. Enclosed racks and locking mechanisms provide a 4U rackmount PC with additional layers of protection from access by unauthorized individuals.

Industrial Rackmount Solutions

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Comark: a leading manufacturer of 4U rackmount PCs

Comark manufactures highly reliable, ruggedized computer and display solutions for companies who need technology that delivers superior performance in far less than superior conditions. With Comark solutions, companies in a broad range of industry verticals can achieve the reliability, performance and product longevity they need to power mission-critical automation and control applications in some of the harshest conditions on earth.

Comark 4U rackmount PC products feature a variety of international certifications, a minimum 5-year product lifecycle and exceptional.

Industrial 4U rackmount PC computers from Comark

Comark offers 4U rackmount PC products for fire & life safety, building automation and industrial automation applications.

  • Dual Xeon™ 4U rackmount PC - High Performance Rackmount with PCI/PCIe Expansion. This dual Xeon rackmount PC computer system is designed specifically for highly intensive computing applications. Built on an all metal construction chassis, it provides hot swappable drive options, a lockable front door to protect the power switch and a wide range of ATX base I/O options.
  • PICMG 4U rackmount PC - High Performance 4U Rackmount with 6th Gen Intel® Processors and PCI/PCIe Expansion. This 4U rackmount computer offers a PICMG 1.3 base I/O options with Intel® i3/i5/i7 6th gen processors, up to 32 GB memory, SSD or HD storage and options for up to 2 hot swap drive bays.
  • ATX Rackmount Computer. This 4U rackmount PC, ideal for building automation and mass notification applications, features 6th generation Intel i3/i5/i7 processing options, along with options for hot swappable drives, a high-temp burn-in at 50°C, fan monitoring solutions and a minimum 5-year lifecycle.


Comark also offers several 2U rack mount computer products, including a 2U rackmount PC version of the high-performance 4U rackmount listed above.

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Advantages of Comark's 4U rackmount PCs

With Comark 4U rackmount PCs and other rackmount solutions, customers can count on:

  • Exceptional reliability. Engineered with remarkable quality, our products are designed to deliver continuous and superior performance in situations where other machines fail.
  • Certified technology. Our 4U rackmount PCs offer certifications in a wide range of international standards.
  • Accelerated delivery schedules. Our team works around the clock to achieve best-in-class lead times, because we know that when you're looking for a 4U rackmount PC, you most likely need it as soon as possible.
  • Longer lifecycles. We design products for a guaranteed minimum of a 5-year product lifecycle and an available upgrade path to ensure that your Comark equipment can satisfy your IT and business goals.

FAQs: what is a 4U rackmount PC?

A rackmount PC is a computer server that is designed to be installed in a standard computer rack, which is a physical chassis or tower that can house multiple servers or computers.

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A 4U rackmount PC is a computer or server that occupies four units, or 4U, of space within a server rack. Each unit measures 1.75 inches or 44.50 mm in height, making a 4U rackmount PC approximately 7 inches high.

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At Comark, trust and reliability are built into everything we do. Our commitment to quality has resulted in a culture of continuous improvement, with engineering teams costly looking at ways to improve processes and designs. Our experienced team takes time to fully understand your needs and objectives before thoughtfully applying our expertise to help find or design the right solution for your application. Our impeccable track record of customer service is based on our belief in partnerships rather than transactions – we are intensely invested in our customers' success and continually looking for ways to improve reliability and performance.

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