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The computing requirements in industrial environments and IIoT platforms are rapidly evolving as companies seek to exploit new opportunities, achieve greater efficiencies, improve operational processes and outperform competitors. Custom industrial computer solutions can support these efforts by enabling IT teams to work with devices that perfectly align performance and capacity with the requirements, budget and existing resources of the data center.

As a leading provider of industrial computer solutions, Comark provides custom industrial computer technology designed to deliver superior performance in harsh and hazardous conditions.

The benefits of custom industrial computer technology

Every industrial computing environment has unique needs and challenges. IT teams in industrial operations must expertly use available resources to deploy rugged technology that best manages processes and workflows while meeting specific requirements for high-performance computing. Off-the-shelf technology may not always provide the exact functionality, capacity and compute power required for specific industrial workloads. And IT teams trying to manage complex requirements with standardized products may not be able to achieve the flexibility and performance their organizations need in order to achieve business objectives.

Provisioning custom industrial computer technology can help by allowing IT teams to acquire computers with the exact configurations that will best serve data center needs. Rather than spending money on unnecessary features and functions, custom industrial computers allow IT teams to focus resources on technology that provides the exact levels of performance and reliability their businesses require.

Industrial Desktop Solutions

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Custom industrial computers from Comark

Comark engineers highly reliable, ruggedized computer and display solutions for mission-critical automation and control applications around the world. Our technology empowers customers to implement smarter automation solutions for industrial IoT applications that can improve the performance, safety and efficiency of their businesses.

We offer a wide range of off-the-shelf industrial computers, from desktops and displays to mobile devices and panel PCs to rackmounts and node PCs. When our standard products are unable to meet clients' needs, we will custom engineer solutions to meet specific application requirements – even for low- to mid-volume orders.

Our team has more than 40 years of experience designing custom industrial computer products for the most challenging environments. Our products are designed by expert solution architects and assembled in our own facilities in Milford, Massachusetts where every aspect of our manufacturing process is carefully planned and executed with precision.

A wide range of custom industrial computer technology

We offer rugged off-the-shelf solutions and custom engineered products in a variety of categories. Many of our products offer multiple choices for processors, drives and memory, enabling customers to configure devices for their specific needs. These products can also be adapted for custom industrial computer requirements.

  • Desktop PCs. Our industrial desktop computer features a 22" flat panel monitor, a choice of i5, i7 or single or dual Xeon processors, memory options up to 96GB and hot swappable SSD and HDD drives up to 2TB.
  • Rugged displays. Our wide range of industrial displays includes screen sizes that range from 12" to 42" with a variety of resolution and brightness options, resistive and projected capacitive touchscreens and approval for IECEx / ATEX Zone 2/22, UL/cUL Class I Div 2, UL864 and MIL certifications.
  • Panel PCs. Our panel PCs come with certifications for IECEx and Class I Div 2 locations. We offer industrial PC fanless models, economy options, a fully enclosed computer with a Nema 4/4X IP66 rating, and ThinManager-ready Thin Client hardware with 15" and 19" displays.
  • Mobile devices. Our rugged PDAs are designed for the "go anywhere, do anything" mobile workforce, while our rugged tablets offer flexible mobile computing in a protective and ergonomic impact-resistant case. Our vehicle terminal mounts feature a variety of display sizes and an optional alphanumeric keyboard.
  • Node PCs. Our rugged node PC computers offer extensive I/O capabilities and PCIe expansion, along with compact profiles and high performance. These Comark devices are certified for use Class 1, Div 2 locations and IECEx/ATEX areas, and we offer models with UL864 and MIL approvals.
  • Rackmount PCs. Our rackmount computers combine high-performance, long life and reliability in a rack system. Options include 2U and 4U form factors, PCI/PCIe expansion, Intel Xeon, Intel dual Xeon, Intel Core or Intel i7/i5/i3 processors.

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Why choose custom industrial computers from Comark?

At Comark, our reputation as a premier provider of custom industrial computers has been built on the exceptional reliability of our products. Our R&D team designs new products with in-depth testing and part qualification to ensure that our equipment will work reliably in the most challenging conditions on earth. Our commitment to quality has earned us an impeccable record in customer satisfaction. And our focus on building trust with customers enables us to serve as a partner, rather than a vendor, helping them to solve their technology challenges with products that offer longer lifecycles, available upgrade paths and superior performance and reliability.

FAQs: what is a custom industrial computer?

An industrial computer is one that is designed to handle the highly intense workloads of industrial computing, and to withstand the harsh conditions of industrial environments. A custom industrial computer is one that's designed, built and configured for the specific requirements of an industrial environment.

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A custom industrial computer enables data center architects to align computing resources with the specific demands of an industrial computing environment, while focusing budgetary resources on features and functionality that are essential to the workload of a specific industrial operation.

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