Maximize computing power in the field with a handheld rugged tablet

Conditions away from the office can be tough on computers. From working outside in a downpour to jobs in dirty, dusty spaces to environments full of shock and vibration, fieldwork can take a heavy toll on electronics. Yet workers on the go and in adverse conditions need just as much computing power as their counterparts in offices. That's where a handheld rugged tablet can help.

As a leading source for ruggedized computer and display solutions, Comark has been providing off-the-shelf and custom-engineered solutions for more than four decades. Our rugged laptop, desktop, rackmount and handheld rugged tablet solutions support mission-critical automation and control applications in military, industrial and fieldwork environments around the world.

Top benefits of a handheld rugged tablet

Whether your work environment is subject to hot or cold temperatures, direct sunlight or dirt, dust and sand, the right handheld rugged tablet offers a wide variety of benefits.

  • Temperature resistant. While a consumer grade tablet will have trouble with temperature extremes, a rugged handheld computer can power through scorching triple digit temperatures as well as below-zero conditions.
  • Mobility. A handheld rugged tablet enables your mobile workforce to stay connected without worrying about the toll that harsh conditions may take on their equipment.
  • Readability. Because many field workers must operate in direct sunlight, a rugged tablet PC should offer non-glare screens and brightness settings that enable easy reading even on the brightest days.
  • Durable construction. With rugged housing and a shock-resistant screen, a handheld rugged tablet must be built to withstand vibration, shock and drops, as well as dirt, dust, water and other liquids.
  • Capacitive touch screens. Field workers need as much flexibility as possible when it comes to input, and a multi-touch screen enables them to use a fingertip or stylus to write, in addition to using traditional keyboard options.
  • Peripherals. The right handheld rugged tablet will offer peripherals like RFID scanners, barcode scanners, front and rear cameras, smart card readers, and other data capture devices.
  • Constant power. Because power sources may be few and far between in the field, a superior handheld rugged tablet will offer long battery life as well as swappable or hot-swappable batteries to maximize uptime in the field.

Rugged Mobility Solutions

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A handheld rugged tablet from Comark

Comark is a leading manufacturer of rugged computer and display solutions that are highly engineered to provide extraordinary reliability in environments where other solutions fail. We build off-the-shelf and custom-engineered solutions for customers who need highest levels of performance in some of the harshest environments around the world. With more than 40 years' experience designing and manufacturing products for industrial, building automation and military applications, we produce the most rugged and reliable industrial computing solutions in the industry.

In the handheld rugged tablet category, Comark offers two products. The COMARK-8 is a rugged mobile tablet with an 8" screen, while our COMARK-10 rugged mobile computer comes with a 9.7" screen. With the durability to survive the demands of a harsh industrial environment, these ruggedized tablets also feature a sleek design to please the eye of the discerning user. Comark handheld rugged tablet products are built on a common PC architecture and provide OS independence with support for Windows, Linux and Android products.

Other mobile solutions from Comark include a rugged PDA and a vehicle-mounted ruggedized laptop.

Handheld rugged tablets as tough as the people use them

The Comark-8 and Comark-10 rugged tablets are designed for the harsh environments of industrial, building automation and military settings. Common features of these devices include:

  • Choice of Operating Systems, including: Windows® 7 32/64bit, Windows® 10 64bit, Android 6/8, Linux Ubuntu 14.04
  • Intel Quad Core Processor featuring up to 8GB of memory and optional 256GB available storage
  • Removable battery pack: 3950mAh lithium ion battery (*6hrs of usage @ level 7 brightness)
  • Integrated bridge battery for hot swapping of main battery (1min)
  • 1D/2D Standard and Long-Range Barcode Scanners
  • A cover lens tested to take a 1/4 lb. ball bearing drop at 5.75 ft. directly to the screen.
  • A PCAP touchscreen with a polarized, anti-glare, anti-fingerprint screen surface that is viewable indoors or outdoors and in direct sunlight
  • 8MP CMOS Camera with Flash
  • Support for Payment Module Solutions: EMV L1/L2 Certified, Pinpad, MSR, NFC L1/L2 Certified, 1D/2D Imager
  • Multiple radio communication, including an Intel a/b/g/n (a/c) module, cellular independence supporting AT&T and T-Mobile, Bluetooth 4.0 and standalone GPS

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A handheld rugged tablet for the harshest environments

Comark's rugged tablets provide protection from:

  • Impact: Can withstand multiple 4-foot drops to concrete.
  • Shock: Operating: 30G (11ms), non-operating: 40G (11ms), crash: 50G (11ms).
  • Temperature extremes. Storage temperatures from -4°F to +149°F (-20°C to +65°C). Operating temperatures from +14°F to +122°F (-10°C to +50°C).
  • Vibration: 5~500Hz 1G PTP.
  • Water/dust: IP54 protection from dust, with limited ingress, and protection against water spray from all directions with limited ingress.
  • EMI/EMC: FCC class B, CE.

FAQs: what is a handheld rugged tablet?

A handheld rugged tablet is a tablet computer that is designed to withstand environments with extreme temperatures, strong vibration, dust, dirt, water and electromagnetic interference.

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Handheld rugged tablets are common in industrial manufacturing, construction, transportation/distribution, healthcare, retail, field service and the military.

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A handheld rugged tablet can be used in virtually any environment from factories and warehouses to construction sites and manufacturing floors to field sales and battlefields.

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With Comark, trust is built in.

Comark is trusted by customers around the world to design and manufacture computers and displays that will work reliably in the harshest places on the planet. Driven by manufacturing excellence, we are highly invested in our customers' success and are committed to designing products with an available upgrade path to ensure that our solutions will support your objectives for years to come. Our impeccable track record of reliability in mission-critical settings translates to higher uptime levels and lower total cost of ownership for our customers. And because we know how important deadlines are, our team is committed to working around the clock to deliver products on time.

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