Achieve higher performance with an industrial desktop computer

An industrial desktop computer can provide superior performance, exceptional reliability and lower total cost of ownership for companies in a wide range of industries. Designed to power mission-critical automation and control applications, an industrial desktop is also equipped to handle the higher processing and power demands required for industrial computing and industrial IoT applications.

As a trusted provider of highly reliable and rugged computer systems, Comark provides an industrial desktop computer that is ideal for fire and life safety applications.

What is an industrial desktop computer?

An industrial desktop computer is an essential piece of technology for mission-critical applications in many industries. Designed to provide superior reliability, performance and long-term value, and industrial desktop computer is built to withstand the harsh conditions of industrial environments while providing computer power for industrial automation, building automation, fire & life safety systems, networking and more.

An industrial desktop computer typically offers more expandability than commercial PCs, enabling IT teams in industrial environments to standardize on specific configurations for longer periods of time, often up to 10 years. Industrial desktops also enable companies to lower their total cost of ownership by delivering a longer product life cycle and greater durability.

Industrial Desktop Solutions

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Industrial desktop computers

Comark is a global leader in smarter automation solutions and IIoT platforms for the industrial and building automation markets. With more than 40 years' experience and a proven track record of design innovation and reliability, we provide the industrial grade computer systems that enable companies to improve the performance of their business.

Our industrial desktop computer comes with a 22" flat panel monitor to provide a robust and long-lasting platform for any industrial application. With a UL864 rating, this machine is ideally suited to the needs of fire and life safety applications. Our industrial desktop computer also offers:

  • Options for processors that include Intel i5, i7 or single or dual Xeon processors with up to Quad Core Technology.
  • Memory options up to 96 GB.
  • Hot swappable SSD and HDD drives up to 2TB, including RAID options.
  • A front door lock to protect the power switch.
  • High-temp burn-In @ 49 ̊C.
  • Fan monitoring solutions.
  • A variety of I/O interfaces.
  • Certifications that include UL864 9th Edition / ULC-S527-11 / UL 2752 Recognized.

Other solutions from Comark

In addition to industrial desktop computer solutions, Comark offers:

  • Industrial displays. Our industrial monitors are available in screen sizes from 12" to 42", with options for both resistive and projected capacitive touchscreens and 4:3 or widescreen formats. Comark displays feature certifications for use in industrial automation, building automation, fire & life safety, military and commercial marine applications.
  • Node PCs. We offer a broad selection of node PCs, including models with approvals for use in Class I, Div 2 locations, IECEx areas, in UL864 applications and in MIL-spec applications. Comark node PC computers offer a range of processors, extensive I/O connectivity, PCI expansion and industrial PC fanless operation in some models.
  • Mobile computing. Comark rugged mobile solutions include rugged PDAs, rugged tablets and vehicle mount terminals that put computing power in the hands of mobile workers and machine operators.
  • Panel PCs. Our wide range of panel PCs offer thin mounting depths, resistive and projected capacitive touchscreens in a range of screen sizes from 12" to 22". Certain models offer optional alphanumeric keypads, and we offer fully enclosed models with an IP66 rating as well as models for Thin Client use.
  • Rackmount computers. Our industrial rackmount machines are specifically designed for long life and reliability, with powerful options that deliver more flexibility and performance in a rack system. Customers can choose from 2U and 4U form factors, with hot swappable drive options, and a choice of Intel high-performance processors.

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Why choose an industrial computer from Comark?

With hundreds of thousands of rugged systems deployed worldwide, Comark is a premier provider of industrial computers and displays. At Comark, trust and reliability are paramount – customers trust our exceptionally reliable equipment to provide superior performance in the harshest conditions around the globe, and they trust our teams to design solutions that continually meet and exceed their expectations. When our off-the-shelf products don't meet the precise requirements of a customer's application, we can design and engineer custom industrial computer solutions, even for low- to mid-volume orders. And with long product lifecycles and available upgrade paths, customers know they can trust their Comark equipment for years to come.

FAQs: what is an industrial desktop computer?

An industrial desktop computer is a desktop computer that is built with rugged components that enable it to perform reliably despite the harsh conditions of industrial environments. Industrial desktops may be constructed with rugged components that can withstand temperature extremes and higher demands for computing power. Industrial computers must also provide longer product lifecycles, enabling IT teams to standardize on specific configurations knowing that their equipment will last for years and that replacement parts will be available when needed.

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An industrial desktop computer may be deployed in a wide variety of industries, including agriculture, automotive, building automation, food processing, machine tools, oil and gas, packaging, power utilities, transportation and more.

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