Ensure uptime with an industrial grade computer

An industrial grade computer delivers reliable performance that enables continuous operation and higher uptime levels in industrial environments. Built to withstand the challenging conditions of harsh and hazardous environments, industrial computer solutions also provide a longer product lifecycle that enables industrial IT teams to standardize on specific configurations and to reduce the total cost of ownership for industrial equipment.

As a leading provider of smarter automation solutions and IIoT platforms for companies in a wide range of industries, Comark delivers industrial grade computer technology that powers mission-critical automation and control applications in industrial environments around the world.

What is an industrial grade computer?

An industrial grade computer is designed to provide continuous and reliable performance in industrial environments. Built with rugged components and protective housing, and industrial grade computer is designed to withstand:

  • Extreme temperatures. Heavy-duty components and electronics enable industrial computers to continue operating despite temperatures that may range from below freezing to 50°C and higher.
  • Shock and vibration. Shock-absorbing mounts, gaskets and other parts help to protect interior components from being disconnected or dislodged by impact or from vibration from industrial machinery and vehicles.
  • Corrosion. An industrial grade computer may use noncorrosive materials and coatings to protect metal components from corrosion due to high humidity or salt mist.
  • Dust and dirt. Protective or sealed enclosures help to prevent ingress of dust, dirt and other particulates that are common to industrial environments.
  • Water. An industrial grade computer may also use a protective casing to prevent ingress of water from a light spray or a high pressure wash down, or even from full submersion underwater.

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Industrial grade computer solutions from Comark

Comark is a leading manufacturer of innovative industrial grade computer technology that enables our customers to implement smarter automation solutions and to improve safety and productivity. With 40 years of experience designing and building rugged solutions that deliver reliable performance in industrial environments, we enable our customers to trust their technology in the harshest conditions on the planet.

We offer a wide range of standard industrial grade computer solutions to solve technology challenges in a number of industries and applications. When our off-the-shelf computers and displays don't meet our customers' specific requirements, we can design and build custom industrial computer solutions – even for low- to mid-volume orders.

Rackmounts, panel PCs, node PCs and more

Industrial grade computer technology from Comark includes:

  • Panel PCs that are designed for Class, I Division 2 hazardous locations, IECEx and ATEX Zone 2/22 areas, environments with high-pressure wash, settings that don't require full-featured PCs and Thin Client applications. Comark panel PCs are available in screen sizes from 12" to 22", with options for industrial PC fanless operation, resistive and projected capacitive touch screens and alphanumeric keypads on some models.
  • Node PCs for applications where a computer must be separate or remote from a monitor. Comark node PC products feature extensive I/O connectivity and available PCI expansion, along with a choice of processors and fanless operation on certain models. These industrial-grade computers are certified for use in Class I, Div 2 locations and IECEx/ATEX areas, along with models that offer UL864 and MIL approvals.
  • Industrial displays that are designed for industrial automation, fire & life safety/building automation, military and commercial marine applications. Comark displays feature screen sizes from 12" to 42", multiple touchscreen options, 4:3 and widescreen formats and a variety of certifications.
  • A desktop computer with a 22" flat panel monitor and a UL864 rating that makes this machine ideal for fire and life safety applications.
  • Mobile solutions that put computing power in the hands of mobile workers as well as forklift, crane and shopfloor automation operators. Our rugged PDAs, rugged tablets and vehicle mount terminals offer a range of screen sizes and resistive and projected capacitive touch screens, along with the shock-absorbing casing to protect equipment from drops and impact.
  • Rackmount computers in 2U and 4U form factors with a variety of processors and high-performance features that enable these machines to deliver maximum flexibility and performance in a rack system.

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Comark delivers reliability and trust

Reliability and trust are the focus of everything we do at Comark. We excel at designing and manufacturing technology that delivers reliable performance in the harshest conditions – it's why Comark computers are currently powering mission-critical applications in hundreds of thousands of deployments around the world. Our culture of continuous improvement enables our strong commitment to quality, where our engineers and solution architects are constantly looking for ways to design products that will exceed our customers' expectations. And with an exceptional track record for customer service, we build partnerships with customers by being deeply invested in their success, and in doing everything we can to engineer reliable products to meet their objectives.

FAQs: what is an industrial grade computer?

An industrial grade computer is a computer or display that has been ruggedized to withstand the harsh and hazardous conditions of industrial environments. Industrial computers may be manufactured with protective housing that prevents the ingress of dust and dirt, or that can protect the electronics from anything from a light water spray to a wash down by high-pressure jets. An industrial grade computer is also able to withstand extremely hot and cold temperatures, thanks to heavy-duty components. Shock-absorbing mounts and gaskets help to protect equipment from strong vibration, and special materials and coatings help to prevent corrosion from high humidity or exposure to salt mist.

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Industrial grade computing technology is used to power mission-critical automation, control and industrial IoT applications in a wide range of industries, including oil & gas, food processing, chemical, petrochemical, agriculture, transportation, utilities, automotive, machine tools, medical, packaging, military and marine environments, and many others.

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