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The Industrial Internet of things (IIoT) is transforming industrial businesses to date, offering a host of benefits that will help companies improve performance, reduce costs and compete more effectively. As businesses seek to modernize technology and systems to embrace industrial IoT applications, computers and displays that are IoT ready can help to accelerate the transition to IIoT processes and enable companies to more quickly realize the many advantages of this revolutionary technology.

As a world-class provider of smarter automation solutions, Comark offers industrial grade computer solutions that are IIoT-ready, helping businesses in a wide range of industries to improve performance by more easily adopting IIoT systems.

How IoT applications are transforming industrial processes

Industrial IoT applications are the future of manufacturing and other industries. IIoT technology is transforming processes and routines in a wide range of manufacturing environments by:

  • Minimizing downtime by through predictive maintenance, with IoT sensors alerting managers to the need for maintenance before equipment malfunctions.
  • Increasing productivity by providing greater visibility throughout the manufacturing process and the supply chain.
  • Streamlining warehousing by automating logistics.
  • Tracking and tracing parts, tools, people and other resources in a manufacturing environment for greater efficiency.
  • Using self-driving vehicles to improve productivity and move product more efficiently through worksites.
  • Managing transportation logistics with sensors that track every vehicle and asset, calculating ideal routes and optimizing fuel consumption.
  • Improving workplace safety by tracking employee movement and spotting hazardous scenarios before they result in injuries.
  • Improving delivery of energy by managing utility networks with greater efficiency.
  • Increasing the efficiency and safety of mines by using driverless trucks to haul ore.

Industrial IIoT Solutions

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Comark: leading technology for Industrial IoT applications

Comark is a leading manufacturer of innovative and highly engineered industrial computer solutions for mission-critical automation and control applications around the world. With more than 40 years' experience and an impeccable reputation for reliability, we deliver equipment that our customers trust to work in the harshest environments on the planet.

Our wide range of rugged industrial technologies – from desktop and mobile devices to panel PCs and node PCs to rackmount devices and rugged displays – provide our customers with IIoT-ready solutions that support their investment in industrial IoT applications. When our off-the-shelf solutions don't satisfy a customer's needs, we can engineer custom industrial computer solutions that fulfill highly specific computing requirements.

Our IIoT-ready technology

Comark technology for industrial IoT applications include:

  • Rackmount computers. Our rackmount computers are designed for highly intensive computing applications that include building automation, fire & life safety, server farms and cloud computing.
  • Panel PCs. Our panel PCs offer thin panel mount housing and options for resistive and projected capacitive touchscreens, industrial PC fanless operation and Thin Client hardware.
  • Mobile solutions. Our mobile PCs include rugged PDAs, rugged tablets and rugged vehicle mounted computers for transportation and logistics, field solutions, warehouse and distribution and retail and hospitality.
  • Node PCs. Our pre-engineered, configurable node PC solutions offer certifications for IECEx, Class 1 Div 2, industrial and heavy industrial applications and Thin Client applications.
  • Desktop computers. Our industrial desktop computer and high-definition 22" flat-panel monitor provide a rugged platform for any industrial application.
  • Industrial displays. Our Nematron brand flat-panel LED monitors range from 12" to 24" in 4:3 and widescreen formats with full high definition, with options for both resistive and projected capacitive touchscreens.

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How Comark technology improves industrial IoT applications

When you source technology for industrial IoT applications from Comark, you can rely on:

  • Superior reliability that helps to achieve higher uptime levels.
  • Highly engineered solutions that can be custom engineered to exact specifications, even for low-to mid-volume orders.
  • Certifications for a wide range of industry standards, including UL508/61010, UL864 and ATEx/IECEx.
  • Product lifecycles with a guaranteed 5-year minimum and an available upgrade path that helps to lower total cost of ownership and ensures IT teams can standardize on specific configurations.

FAQs: what are Industrial IoT applications?

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the technology that allows sensors embedded in a wide range of items – everything from smart phones and wearables to light bulbs and thermostats – to collect and transmit data. By analyzing large volumes of data, IoT applications can improve processes or enable specific actions. The Industrial Internet of Things refers specifically to sensors and networked devices that are embedded in the technology in industrial and manufacturing environments.

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Industrial IoT applications are specific uses of IIoT to improve industrial processes, increase efficiency, enhance safety, and provide greater visibility into the supply chain.

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