The benefits of a fanless industrial PC

An industrial PC with fanless operation offers a host of advantages for industrial computing. From higher energy efficiency and quieter operation to a smaller footprint and greater reliability, fanless industrial PCs deliver superior performance for a broad range of industrial operations.

As a leading provider of rugged and industrial computer solutions, Comark provides a family of industrial PCs with fanless operation to power mission-critical automation and control applications in a wide variety of industries.

Why choose an industrial PC with fanless operation?

An industrial PC is a rugged computer that is designed to provide reliable operation in the harsh and hazardous conditions of industrial environments. A fanless industrial PC uses lower-powered components that radiate less heat, and alternative methods to cool the components within a PC. Benefits of an industrial PC with fanless operation include:

  • Quieter operation. Most of the noise generated by an industrial PC comes from its fans. A fanless industrial PC provides near silent operation for applications in workspaces where noise should be minimized.
  • Smaller size. Because fan systems require a significant amount of space, a fanless computer can be designed with a smaller form factor that offers greater flexibility when integrating computing power into industrial workspaces.
  • Greater energy efficiency. The heatsinks which cool industrial fanless PCs are far more energy-efficient than fans.
  • Improved reliability. Because fanless computers have fewer moving parts and make it easier to keep dust and moisture out, these devices offer more reliable performance and greater durability.

Fanless Panel PC Solutions

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Industrial fanless PC technology from Comark

For more than 40 years, Comark has provided innovative and highly engineered industrial computer solutions and IIoT platforms to customers who need solutions that will work in the harshest environments. With a track record of innovative design and proven performance, our equipment is designed to provide exceptional reliability in conditions where other machines fail.

We offer a wide range of industrial computers and displays, including mobile, rackmount, panel and node PC options, as well as an industrial desktop computer that is ideal for fire and life safety applications. When our standard, off-the-shelf products are not ideal for our customers needs, we can design and build custom industrial computer solutions, even for low- to mid-volume orders.

Our family of fanless industrial PC devices

Comark industrial PCs with fanless operation include both panel and node PCs. Our offerings include:

  • The IPC Fanless Series Panel PC. These fanless industrial panel PCs are available in screen sizes from 12" to 19" and are certified for IECEx/ATEX Zone 2/22 or Class 1, Div 2 areas. They feature resistive touchscreens, high-performance processors, extensive I/O connectivity and a NEMA 4/4x/12/IP66 front panel.
  • The ePC II Fanless Series Panel PC. These industrial fanless PCs are available in standard and widescreen formats and in screen sizes that range from 7" to 21".
  • The ePC-Lite Fanless Series Panel PC. These PCs are an economy line, equipped with standard features to handle applications where a full set of traditional features is not required. Available with 15" and 19" screens, these fanless industrial PCs provide superior reliability, ruggedness and support as well as a lower cost for acquisition.
  • The Nematron®Fanless nPP25 IoT Gateway / Node PC. This higher performance, configurable fanless computer with 6th/7th generation Intel® processing is designed with a variety of certifications and has the longest product lifecycle in the market.
  • The nPC300-N2800-IECEx Fanless Industrial Node PC. This non-display, high-performance fanless node PC is IECEx / ATEX Zone 2 approved and features Intel® fanless processing, solid-state drive storage, 64-bit application support and up to 55°C operating temperature.

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Comark: your #1 source for industrial computers

As a premier provider of rugged industrial computing technology, Comark delivers:

  • Exceptional performance. Our leading-edge products are built to deliver superior reliability and are certified in a wide range of industry standards, including UL508/61010, UL864 and ATEx/IECEx.
  • Longer product lifecycles. Our products are designed and built to last for years, and we provide available upgrade paths that enable our customers to rely on their Comark equipment for years to come.
  • Lower total cost of ownership. Offering greater reliability, durability and longevity, Comark rugged systems help our clients to minimize the cost of acquiring, maintaining and upgrading their industrial systems.

FAQs: what is a fanless industrial PC

A fanless industrial PC is an industrial grade computer designed and built for the harsh conditions of industrial environments, and one that uses a heat sink or other technology in place of a fan to cool the equipment.

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An industrial PC with fanless operation can deliver greater energy efficiency, quieter operation, improved reliability and a more compact form factor.

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