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For the demanding and strenuous environments of industrial and manufacturing settings, an industrial touch monitor provides the durability, performance and ease of operation that workers need to stay productive. An industrial touch screen display is built with components that can withstand the intense conditions of industrial environments and are shielded from temperature, vibration, shock and humidity with special protective housing.

For an industrial touch screen monitor that is highly engineered to deliver superior performance, rugged reliability and a longer product lifecycle, leading companies in a broad range of industries choose ruggedized computer and display technologies from Comark.

The technology behind an industrial touch monitor

An industrial touch monitor is most often constructed with capacitive or resistive technology. A resistive touch screen has traditionally been the norm in rugged technology – it uses the pressure from a finger, stylus or gloved hand to register input and interaction. A resistive industrial touch monitor is usually less expensive than its capacitive counterpart, and it is less likely to record inadvertent input from water, dirt or dust. A resistive industrial touch screen, however, is more susceptible to wear – a scratched or pierced screen may no longer record accurate input, rendering the device inoperable until a repair can be made.

Capacitive technologies are most common in consumer electronics – they receive input from electrical conductivity of a finger or a special stylus. Capacitive touchscreens enable multi-touch gestures like pinching and zooming that are integral to certain applications. Capacitive monitors are also more durable in that they can continue to operate even when the screen is cracked, scratched or pierced. Capacitive touchscreens are more expensive in general, and they are more sensitive to accidental input from water and dust.

Choosing the right industrial touch monitor depends on the specific needs of any particular industrial setting.

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Comark industrial touch monitors

Comark engineers highly reliable, rugged computers and industrial touch monitors that are designed to deliver superior performance and durability in the harshest industrial environments around the world. With an impeccable track record of reliability in mission-critical applications and a best-in-class warranty rate, our technology enables customers to experience higher levels of uptime and lower costs of ownership.

Our industrial touch screen computer monitors combine durable construction, reliable performance and long product lifecycles to ensure that our customers can rely on their technology in harsh and hazardous conditions where other machines fail. Our industrial touchscreens are designed from the ground up to meet the rigorous requirements of hazardous industrial automation environments and to meet the specifications of a wide range of industry certifications.

Industrial touch monitors certified for performance

Our industrial touch monitor offerings include:

  • Monitors for fire & life safety and building automation applications. We offer a 42" Class LED large-screen display and a 42 Class LCD display/computer that are designed for applications such as fire alarm systems, building security, mapping & navigation, and mass notification.
  • Monitors for Class 1, Div 2 locations. Our 4:3 format Nematron brand M-Series industrial touch monitors are available with certifications for Class 1 Div 2 hazardous locations when mounted in a NEMA enclosure. These monitors range in size from 12" to 22" and feature analog resistive touchscreens and a heavy duty steel chassis with aluminum front bezels and certification to NEMA 4/4X/12 & IP65 standards. We also offer high definition widescreen monitors ranging from 15" to 24" with NEMA 4/4X/12 and IP66 ratings that feature projected capacitive touchscreens.
  • Monitors for IECEx locations. Our Nematron brand M-Series industrial PC touch screen monitors are also available for IECEs and ATEX Zone 2/22 environments when mounted in an ATEX approved enclosure. These monitors offer analog resistive touchscreens and are available in 12" to 22" screen sizes.

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Advantages of an industrial touch monitor from Comark

A Comark industrial touch monitor – or any rugged computer or display from Comark – provides customers with significant advantages.

  • An experienced team. Our solution experts take the time to listen carefully and fully understand our customers' objectives before applying our engineering expertise to help select or design the right solution.
  • A commitment to quality. Our team is constantly improving processes, testing and training to design and manufacture better products that exceed our customers' expectations.
  • In-house testing capabilities. We test every product for safety and durability within the challenging environment of our own laboratory.
  • Exceptionally short lead times. At Comark, our customers know they can get the equipment they want on the schedule they need.

FAQs: what is an industrial touch monitor?

An industrial touch monitor is a computer monitor that allows workers to interact with a computer by touching the screen. An industrial monitor is built with rugged components and housing that protect it from the harsh and hazardous conditions of industrial and manufacturing environments, providing protection from extreme temperatures, shock and vibration as well as water, dust and dirt. Industrial touch monitors provide greater flexibility and can be mounted to machines, walls and vehicles, as with forklift mounted computers.

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Industrial touchscreen monitors are used in a wide variety of settings and industries, including oil and gas, food and beverage, fire and life safety, waste and wastewater, transportation, agriculture, machine tools, automotive assembly and others.

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