The advantages of an industrial touch screen computer

In the harsh conditions of industrial environments, an industrial touch screen computer makes it possible for workers to have constant access to the applications, controls and computing power they require to stay productive throughout the day. Manufactured with heavy duty components and protective housing, an industrial touch screen monitor and computer can deliver superior reliability and performance despite the presence of extreme temperatures, high humidity, shock and vibration, water, dust and hazardous conditions.

When organizations in a broad range of industries need industrial touch screen computers they can count on, they turn to Comark for rugged, reliable industrial PCs.

The elements of an industrial touch screen computer

An industrial touch screen computer offers significant advantages over consumer-grade equipment.

  • Protection from extreme temperatures. An industrial touch screen device is built with heavy duty components that can continue to operate despite temperatures that may range from below freezing to 50°C and above.
  • Rugged housing. Many industrial touch screen PC computers come with enclosures that provide protection from light impact and shock or vibration, as well as water, dust, dirt and other particulates.
  • Anti-corrosion components. An industrial touch screen computer will protect electronics from corrosion by using materials such as anodized surfaces or gold-plated connections.
  • Shock-resistant construction. Industrial touch screen computers are designed to withstand the strong levels of vibration often present industrial settings by using components and connectors that can absorb shock without detaching or disconnecting.
  • Bright displays. Because an industrial touch screen display is often subject to direct sunlight or the bright lighting of industrial environments, these devices will use displays that are as much as 50% brighter than consumer-grade equipment.

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Comark industrial touch screen computers

Comark is a premier manufacturer of highly engineered, industrial computers and displays that enable companies to improve the efficiency and safety of their industrial environments. With more than four decades of experience and an impressive track record for reliability, we offer industrial PC touch screen computers with long product lifecycle and best-in-class reliability that enable our customers to count on higher uptime levels, greater value and lower total cost of ownership.

Our industrial touch screen computers are built to provide reliable performance in harsh and hazardous conditions where other machines fail. Safety-tested and certified in a variety of international standards, our industrial touch screen PCs are pre-engineered, configurable.

Industrial touch screen computers for every setting

Comark offers industrial touch screen computers for use in a wide variety of applications, including:

  • PCs for IECEx and ATEX Zone 2/22 areas. Our IPC Series of industrial touch screen computers is approved for IECEx and ATEX Zone 2/22 locations when installed in an ATEX approved enclosure. These PCs come in screen sizes that range from 12" to 19" and feature an analog resistive industrial touch screen monitor with Intel® 6th generation embedded processors. We also offer fanless models with Intel® Dual Core ATOM N2800 processors.
  • PCs for Class 1 Div 2 locations. Our IPC and IPC fanless computers are also available with certifications for UL and cUL Hazardous Locations. Our IPC Plus Series offers the same certifications and feature PCI/PCIe expansion slots and optional keypads.
  • Industrial and heavy industrial touch screens. Our ePC II Fanless PCs are high-performance, panel mount computers designed to be used as automation control interfaces. Our ePC-Lite Fanless Series is an economy line of PCs with a limited feature set, designed for certain applications that don't require a full-featured PC. Our EnduraTouch II Enclosed Computer features an analog resistive industrial touch screen display that is fully enclosed in a stainless steel housing and a NEMA 4/4X, IP66 rating.
  • Thin Client hardware. Our 15" and 19" ThinManager-ready Thin Client displays offer superior viewing in applications where a standalone PC is not required.

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Trust is built into every Comark product

At Comark, every computer and display we make is built on trust. Our customers trust that our products will deliver reliable performance in mission-critical environments where safety and lives are often on the line. They trust that we have tested our products in the harshest environments we know – our own laboratory. Trust is also essential in our relationships with customers, who look to us to help solve challenges with innovative and rugged technology. And our customers trust us to deliver best-in-class lead times, working around the clock to make sure that every order is delivered on time, because we know how important our rugged technology is to our customers' businesses.

FAQs: what is an industrial touch screen computer?

An industrial touch screen computer is a combination computer and touchscreen display that is constructed with rugged components that can withstand the harsh conditions of industrial environments. An industrial touch screen PC is typically housed in a flat panel case, making it easier to incorporate into industrial settings as a(this doesn't make any sense) vehicle mount PC or mounted on walls and machinery.

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Industrial touch screen computers are deployed in a wide range of settings, including oil & gas, water & wastewater, automotive assembly, machine tools worksites, transportation, food and beverage plants, fire & life safety, agriculture, and many other industries.

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