The benefits of an industrial touch screen display

Some environments weren't made for standard electronics. From extreme temperatures and humidity to vibration and shock, standard consumer-grade computer technology simply won't stand up to the rigors of industrial settings. With an industrial touch screen display, however, workers in these environments can easily access the applications and computing power they need to get their work done quickly and efficiently.

Comark engineers highly reliable, ruggedized industrial touch screen display technology that is designed to provide superior performance in the harshest environments around the world.

Choosing a capacitive or resistive touch screen display

An industrial touch screen display typically offers a choice of resistive or capacitive technologies.

Resistive touch screens use the pressure of touch from a finger or stylus to input information and interact with the display. The screen is constructed with two flexible layers with a gap between. When pressure is applied, the precise location of the touch is registered. Resistive touch screens have traditionally been the standard in rugged display, as they can be used with a gloved hand or stylus and are less sensitive to unwanted input from liquid splashes, for example, or inadvertent touches.

Capacitive touch screens use conductivity from a finger or stylus to register input. Capacitive touch screens have been more prevalent among consumer technology but are growing in popularity for industrial applications. Capacitive screens tend to be more rugged and less affected by wear than resistive screens, and capacitive screens will keep working when the screen is pierced or broken, allowing fieldworkers to continue using the device until a replacement can be arranged. Capacitive touch screens are also better equipped for multi-touch capabilities, enabling users to pinch or zoom when viewing content.

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Comark: superior industrial touch screen display technology

Comark is a world-class provider of rugged computers and industrial touch screen display solutions that enable customers to achieve higher productivity and uptime levels with superior performance in harsh industrial conditions. With guaranteed minimum 5-year product lifecycles and an impeccable track record in reliability, we provide our customers with industrial PC touch screen technology designed to work reliably in conditions where other machines fail.

Our industrial touch screen monitors solutions are built from the ground up to withstand the harsh environments of industrial automation, building automation and fire & life safety applications. With a broad range of off-the-shelf displays, we also provide custom engineered solutions to meet the specific needs of industrial automation OEMs.

Find the right industrial touch screen display

Comark offers a wide range of industrial touch screen display options with certifications for a variety of harsh and hazardous locations.

Our Nematron brand M-Series industrial touch screen displays are available in 4:3 formats with resistive touch screens as well as widescreen high-definition models with projected capacitive touch screens. These flat panel displays include:

  • Certifications for IECEx / ATEX Zone 2/22 locations or for UL/cUL Class I Div 2 locations
  • LED Backlit Displays
  • NEMA 4/4X/12, IP66 ratings
  • Heavy duty steel chassis with powder coated aluminum front bezels
  • 55°+ C operating temp
  • Industrial grade power supply
  • 2-year warranty

Additionally, we offer fire & life safety and building automation products that include a 42" display and a 42" display/computer combination with multitouch screen options and multi-functional input support. These models are ideal for applications such as mapping & navigation, mass notification, building security and fire alarm systems.

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Advantages of Comark's industrial touch screen display

With an industrial touch screen monitor from Comark, you get:

  • Remarkably reliable technology. Our ruggedized display and computer solutions are designed to deliver superior performance and higher levels of uptime in the harshest of conditions.
  • Longer product usefulness. A guaranteed minimum 5-year product lifecycle and available upgrade path ensure that your Comark products will meet your technology objectives for years to come.
  • Best-in-class lead times. Our team works around the clock to ensure we can deliver your industrial display when you need it.
  • Certified equipment. Our industrial touch screen displays and industrial touch screen PC computers are certified in a wide range of international standards.

FAQs: what is an industrial touch screen display?

An industrial touch screen display is a computer monitor that allows workers to interact with the computer by touching a screen rather than entering data on a keyboard. Industrial displays are built with rugged components and housing that protect the electronics from the harsh and hazardous environments of industrial and manufacturing settings.

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Industrial touch screen displays enable workers to have applications, controls and computing power at their fingertips throughout an industrial setting. Industrial displays also reduce the cost of ownership for computer technology, as devices last much longer than consumer-grade electronics would within an industrial environment. An industrial touchscreen is easy to mount on machinery or walls and can serve as a vehicle mount terminal for forklifts and other heavy machinery.

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