Powering operations with an industrial touch screen monitor

An industrial touch screen monitor is critical for any work environment with harsh conditions that would quickly render standard consumer-grade electronics useless. Built with rugged components and protective housing, an industrial touch monitor enables workers to have the applications they need at their fingertips to work more productively and effectively within extreme industrial settings.

As a trusted provider of rugged computer and display technology, Comark offers industrial touch screen monitor solutions engineered from the ground up to meet the rigorous requirements of industrial, fire & life safety and building automation environments.

Capacitive vs. resistive industrial touch screen monitors

An industrial touch screen monitor typically offers two types of touch screen technology.

A capacitive touch screen registers input through electrical conductivity from a finger or a special stylus. In contrast, a resistive touch screen registers input by pressure applied to the screen from a finger or stylus.

Capacitive touch technology is typically found in consumer-grade electronics but has been growing in popularity in rugged touch screens as well. Capacitive screens tend to be stronger and less affected by wear, and they can continue to operate even when the screen is cracked or pierced, enabling workers to keep using the device until a repair can be arranged. Capacitive screens also enable multi-touch capabilities such as pinching and zooming, which can be helpful for certain applications. Capacitive technology is more expensive, however, and it's harder to operate with a gloved hand.

Resistive touch screens are most common in rugged devices, as workers can interact with the screen while wearing gloves, and because the screen is less sensitive to inadvertent touches from water spray, or loose debris. Resistive industrial touch screen monitors are typically less expensive as well.

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Comark industrial touch screen monitors

Comark is a leading manufacturer of highly engineered, internationally certified, rugged industrial touchscreen computers and industrial touch screen monitors. Our offerings include both off-the-shelf and custom engineered solutions that deliver unparalleled reliability, superior performance, a long product lifecycle and a warranty rate that ensures higher uptime levels and greater productivity.

Our industrial touch screen monitors are safety-tested and certified for use in a variety of hazardous environments. These pre-engineered, configurable industrial touchscreen solutions cover a range of sizes, formats in both resistive and projected capacitive touch screens, and are available with lead times that can be measured in days rather than weeks.

Choosing the right industrial touch screen monitor

Comark industrial touch screen monitors include:

  • Nematron brand M-Series displays. These analog resistive industrial touch screen monitors are available in sizes that range from 12" to 22". Featuring an LED backlit display and a 4:3 format, these monitors are housed in heavy duty steel chassis with powder coated machined aluminum bezels. They are certified to NEMA 4/4X/12 & IP66 standards, are UL/cUL listed, and meet CE requirements. M-Series industrial touch screen computer displays can be certified for harsh industrial environments including Class I & II, Division 2 Hazardous Locations when mounted in a NEMA enclosure, or for IECEx and ATEX Zone 2 & 22 locations when mounted in an ATEX approved enclosure.
  • Nematron brand M-Series high definition widescreen monitors. These projected capacitive monitors are certified for Class 1 Div 2 hazardous areas and feature a touch screen with multitouch capabilities, a heavy duty steel chassis and a sleek glass front with a powder coated machined aluminum bezels.
  • Building automation solutions. We offer a 42" class LED large-screen display and a 42 class LCD large-screen display/computer with multiple touch screen options and multi-function input support. These models are ideal for fire & life safety systems and applications such as building security, fire alarm systems, mass notification and mapping & navigation.

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Why choose a Comark industrial touch screen monitor?

Comark is a global leader in industrial touch screen monitors and rugged computers thanks to an unwavering focus on excellence and trust. Our products are designed and manufactured to be among the most durable on the market, with a long product life cycle and an available upgrade path that ensures value and performance for years to come. Our client relationships are built on partnerships rather than transactions – we're not interested in simply building something to spec, but in helping our clients find ways to solve their challenges with new technology. That's why our customers trust us to always deliver industrial PC touch screen solutions that meet and exceed their expectations.

FAQs: what is an industrial touch screen monitor?

An industrial touch screen monitor is a rugged computer display that allows workers to interact with a computer using a touch screen, and a monitor that is built to withstand the hazardous and challenging conditions of industrial or manufacturing settings. Industrial touch screens can be mounted on walls, machinery or vehicles, serving as a forklift computer, for example.

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A standard touch screen monitor is typically made with plastic housing and components that can't withstand the shock, vibration and high temperature of industrial environments. Standard monitors also are not protected from water, dust and dirt that may be present in industrial and manufacturing settings.

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