Enhancing compute power with a military computer screen

Military operations today are benefiting from increased information processing in the field, thanks to portable military panel PCs and military computer screens. Built to withstand the harsh and hazardous conditions of battlefields, military bases and other deployment scenarios, military computer equipment puts compute power, applications and data in the hands of military personnel in order to improve performance, communications, logistics and many other aspects of military operations.

For decades, Comark has been a trusted partner to military customers, providing rugged military displays and PCs that armed forces personnel can count on for mission-critical applications. Engineered from the ground up to meet a variety of strict MIL spec requirements, Comark military computer screens and panel PCs are designed to ensure superior performance in the harshest conditions in the world.

The benefits of a military computer screen

Built with rugged components and certified for performance in harsh and hazardous environments, a military computer screen provides distinct advantages that include:

  • Exceptional performance. Military computer screens are designed to perform reliably in harsh and hazardous conditions where other equipment fails.
  • Easier visibility. Because they are often used outside and in direct sunlight, military monitors are designed to be much brighter than standard displays.
  • Greater reliability. To protect the screen and its internal electronics from temperature extremes, shock and vibration as well as water, sand and dirt, military computer screens are equipped with rugged components, shock-absorbing construction, noncorrosive surfaces and protective enclosures that enabled the displays to continue working in challenging environments.
  • Touchscreen interactivity. Military displays with touchscreen capabilities make it easier for personnel to interact with the machine in difficult conditions, or to enter data while wearing protective gloves.

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Military computer screens from Comark

Military computer screens from Comark uses state-of-the-art technology, conformal coated electronics, long-life components and in-house testing to deliver products that armed forces personnel can rely on no matter where their deployments take them. Delivering the innovation, reliability and performance that mission-critical applications require, Comark machines are built to meet and exceed stringent specifications and testing requirements of MIL certification. When our wide range of standard military computer screens, military grade tablet PC products and marine computer equipment does not meet a customer's needs, we will engineer a custom solution uniquely tailored to the requirements of their application.

Our line of military computer screens

Our military displays include:

  • MV120D 12" Military Smart Display, with a 12" LED LCD panel, 1024 x 768 resolution, fanless operation sealed to IP65, resistive touchscreen and fully configurable I/O panel.
  • MV150D 15.0" Military Display, a 15" LED LCD panel with 1024 x 768 resolution, sealed to IP65, fanless operation, fully configurable I/O panel and touchscreen options.
  • MV190D 19.0" Military Display, a 19" LED LCD Panel with 1280 x 1024 resolution, touchscreen options, fanless operation sealed to IP65 and a fully configurable I/O panel.
  • MV241D MissionVue 24" Military Display, with a high-resolution 1920 x 1200 display, fully sealed fanless design, tempered double-sided anti-reflective front glass, optional touchscreen and backlit and dimmable front OSD keypad.
  • MV420 MissionVue™ 42" Marine Display Unit, featuring 1920 x 1080 resolution, 400 cd/m2 brightness LED backlight, EMI glass/touchscreen optional and military I/O.

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Military computers with trust built in

From military displays and military rackmount and panel PC computers, trust is built into every product Comark manufactures. Our customers need to trust that our equipment will deliver mission-critical performance in environments where other machines fail, so we build technology that offers unparalleled reliability. They need to trust that we fully understand their needs and business requirements, so we have become experts at listening carefully before we apply our considerable engineering skills to any solution design. And they need to trust that our rugged and durable equipment will help to reduce their total cost of ownership, which is why we ensure long product lifecycles with available upgrade paths. It's no wonder that customers throughout the military and in a broad range of industries trust Comark to deliver rugged and reliable solutions.

FAQs: what is a military computer screen?

A military computer screen is a computer display that is built with rugged construction, protective enclosures and heavy-duty components, enabling the device to operate and deliver superior performance in the harsh and hazardous conditions of battlefields and military deployments.

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A military computer screen is typically constructed with components that can withstand extremely hot and cold temperatures as well as shock and vibration. Military displays also are constructed with non-corrosive materials to combat the effects of high humidity and saltwater, and they may also be housed in protective enclosures that prevent the ingress of water, dust, dirt and sand.

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