Delivering data to the battlefield with a military computer

Today's military personnel rely on data more than ever to manage logistics, take advantage of intelligence and execute missions, making the need for rugged military computers a high priority. The harsh environments of battlefields and military settings require that military displays and PCs can be protected from shock and vibration, electromagnetic interference, extreme temperatures and the sand, dirt and water that are often present in military missions.

Specializing in designing custom products for challenging environments, Comark is a premier provider of military computer products – from panel PCs and tablets to rugged displays and military rackmount PCs – that can stand up to the demanding conditions of military deployments and meet the exacting requirements for military certification.

The benefits of a military computer

A military computer is built with rugged components that protect it from the harsh conditions of military environments and enable it to be certified for the MIL-STD 810 Standard. The benefits of military computers also include:

  • Greater durability. Protective housing, noncorrosive surfaces and anti-shock construction help to protect the electronics within a military computer from being damaged or disconnected despite shock and vibration, high temperatures and water, sand or dirt in the environment.
  • Reliable performance. A military computer is designed to deliver fast and superior performance for mission-critical applications, providing the continuous access to computing power that military operations rely on.
  • Higher visibility. Military LCD displays are far brighter than consumer-grade equipment, enabling military personnel to have an easy view of the monitor even in direct sunlight.
  • More flexibility. A military panel PC or a military grade tablet PC enable personnel to have access to computing power, data and applications in a wide range of locations where standard desktop computers could not be used.
  • Easier input. Military computers with touchscreen capabilities enable faster and easier data entry, allowing even personnel with gloved hands to interact with a computer.

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Military computer products from Comark

Comark engineers highly reliable, ruggedized computer and display applications for customers who need solutions that will work in the harshest environments around the world. Our military and marine computer products use state-of-the-art technology, long-life components and conformal coated electronics to deliver equipment that will provide superior performance in hazardous military conditions, and that is tested to meet the requirements for certification in military equipment standards, including MIL-STD-901-D Shock, MIL-STD-167 Vibration, MIL-STD-461-D EMI/EMC and MIL-STD-810F Operating Temperature, Storage Temperature and Humidity.

Comark military PCs and displays

Comark military computer products include:

  • Panel PCs. Our military panel PCs include screen sizes from 12" to 24" with touchscreen options, panel or bulkhead mounts, and fanless operation sealed to IP65.
  • Military displays. Our military LCDs displays range in size from 12" to 42" and feature touchscreen options, fully configurable I/O panels and fanless operation that is sealed to IP65.
  • Node PCs. Our military node PCs include the Enduranode 67-SE™ Sealed Embedded Computer, featuring an onboard Intel® Core™ i7 Processor, 8 GB DDR3 1067 / 1333 SDRAM, QM67 Chipset and I/O Interface.

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Why choose a military computer from Comark?

At Comark, we are dedicated to building highly reliable and trusted military computer and display solutions that meet our customers' needs today and tomorrow. With Comark equipment, our military customers can count on:

  • Unparalleled reliability. Our products are designed and manufactured with an unrivaled focus on excellence and innovation, and they're tested in one of the harshest locations on the planet: our own laboratory.
  • Best-in-class lead times. We know our military computers are intended for mission-critical applications, so we are dedicated to meeting accelerated schedules and deadlines to deliver orders on time.
  • Long-term performance. Our-long product lifecycles and available upgrade paths ensure that Comark equipment will provide value for years to come and help to reduce the total cost of ownership for military computers.
  • A trusted partner. We are much more than a standard military vendor – our teams are deeply invested in our customers' success, so we are constantly working to find ways to improve our technology to help them meet their objectives.

FAQs: what is a military computer?

A military computer is a desktop, rackmount, node, mobile or panel computer or display that is ruggedized to protect it from the harsh and hazardous conditions of military deployment.

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Military computers are built with parts and electronics that can withstand the challenging environments of military operations – the type of conditions where consumer-grade equipment would quickly break down. Military computers have protective enclosures that help to prevent ingress of water, dust, sand and dirt. Noncorrosive materials and coatings protect the electronics from the effects of high humidity and salt mist. Shock-absorbing parts help to mitigate the impact of shock and vibration. And heavy-duty components enable superior and continual performance despite exposure to temperatures that range from below freezing to 50°C and higher.

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