The benefits of a military grade tablet PC

From military bases to battlefields and training exercises to field deployments, a military grade tablet PC puts computing power at the fingertips of military personnel. Built to provide exceptional reliability in harsh and hazardous conditions, a military tablet delivers reliable performance despite extreme temperatures, shock and vibration, electromagnetic interference and the presence of dust, dirt and water.

As a leading provider of rugged military computer and display solutions, Comark offers innovative, highly engineered military grade tablet PCs that personnel can trust to deliver superior performance in the world's most challenging environments.

What makes a tablet PC military grade?

To withstand the challenging conditions of military deployments, a military grade tablet PC or military computer must be constructed with:

  • Heavy-duty components that offer reliable performance despite sweltering heat and freezing conditions.
  • Protective enclosures that can withstand shock, drops, jolts and vibration, and an encasement that is sealed to prevent ingress of water, dirt and dust.
  • A shock-resistant screen protector.
  • Extra bright displays that enable personnel to read a monitor in direct sunlight.
  • Anti-corrosive materials that help to defend against the effects of high humidity and salt mist.

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Military grade tablet PCs from Comark

Comark is a leader in innovative, rugged and highly engineered computer and display solutions for mission-critical applications around the world. With a proven track record of exceptional reliability and customer service, we provide off-the-shelf products and custom engineered military and marine computer solutions for our military customers.

In addition to military rackmount computers, military panel PC computers and military monitors, we offer two rugged tablets for use in military environments. The COMARK-8 and the COMARK-10 combine a sleek and ergonomic design with the rugged construction and impact protection required to withstand harsh military environments. Built on a common PC architecture that enables independence in operating systems, our military grade tablet PCs deliver the performance and reliability that military personnel require when operations and lives are on the line.

Features of our military tablets

Comark's military grade tablet PCs are available in 8" and 10" screens and are powered by an Intel® 1.86 GHz Quad core processor.

Features include:

  • Windows® 10 64bit, Windows® 7 32/64bit, Android 6/8 or Linux Ubuntu 14.04 operating system
  • Removable battery pack: 3950mAh lithium ion battery with 6hrs of usage @ level 7 brightness
  • Multiple radio communication options, including an Intel a/b/g/n (a/c) module, cellular independence supporting AT&T and T-Mobile, Bluetooth 4.0 and standalone GPS
  • An anti-glare, anti-fingerprint and polarized PCAP touchscreen that is viewable indoors or outdoors while in direct sunlight
  • Integrated bridge battery for hot swapping of main battery (1min)
  • 1D/2D standard and long-range barcode scanners
  • 8MP CMOS camera with flash

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Military grade tablet PCs for the harshest environments

Our military grade tablet PCs are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of battlefields and military deployments. Comark rugged tablets have been tested for their ability to withstand:

  • Temperature extremes: Storage temperatures from -4°F to +149°F (-20°C to +65°C). Operating temperatures from +14°F to +122°F (-10°C to +50°C)
  • Shock: Operating: 30G (11ms), non-operating: 40G (11ms), crash: 50G (11ms)
  • Impact: Can withstand multiple 4-foot drops to concrete
  • Water/dust: IP54 protection from dust with limited ingress and protection against water spray from all directions with limited ingress
  • Vibration: 5~500Hz 1G PTP
  • EMI/EMC: FCC class B, CE

FAQs: what is a military grade tablet PC?

A military grade tablet PC is a mobile computing device that is built with rugged components and protective housing that enable it to deliver superior performance in the harsh conditions of military deployments.

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A military tablet is constructed with rugged components that can withstand temperature extremes, shock and vibration and electromagnetic interference. Protective housing must prevent ingress of water, dirt and dust while protecting the electronics from the shock of impact and drops.

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A military grade tablet PC enables military personnel to have computing power in their hands no matter where their deployments take them. Because rugged tablets have a longer product lifecycle, they can help to reduce the total cost of ownership of military computing technology.

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