Military monitors enable computing in harsh conditions

In the harsh and hazardous environments of military deployments, military monitors and other rugged military computer equipment enable personnel to have continuous access to the data, applications and computing tools they require for mission-critical operations. Military monitors are constructed to withstand the shock and vibration that are common to battlefields and heavy equipment, as well as the extreme temperatures and the water, sand and dirt of mission locations. With superior rugged military computer technology, personnel know they can rely on their equipment no matter where in the world their missions take them.

As a world-class provider of highly reliable and ruggedized computers and displays, Comark offers military monitors and computers that are designed to deliver exceptional performance and reliability in the challenging conditions of military deployment.

What makes military monitors so rugged?

Military monitors are built with a variety of rugged components and features that are designed to protect them from the hazardous conditions of battlefields and military deployments. These include:

  • Temperature-resistant components that enable military monitors to deliver superior performance even when temperatures range from below 0 to 50°C and higher.
  • Shock-absorbing features that protect sensitive electronics and connectors from being dislodged or broken by strong vibrations.
  • Rugged enclosures that protect displays from being damaged by water, dust, dirt and sand.
  • Anticorrosion materials that prevent surfaces and connections from being damaged by high humidity and exposure to salt mist and saltwater spray.
  • Highly illuminated screens that allow personnel to easily view military monitors even in direct sunlight.

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Military monitors from Comark

Comark is a trusted provider of highly reliable, ruggedized computer and display solutions for mission-critical automation and control applications around the world. Our products are engineered from the ground up to meet a variety of strict MIL spec requirements and to provide a long service life. Our track record of providing equipment that delivers superior performance and reliability has made us a trusted partner for our military customers, and enables the servicemen and women who use our products to have confidence in the reliability of their computing equipment.

Comark military monitors, military panel pc products and marine computer equipment are designed to meet the performance requirements for MIL-STD-901-D Shock, MIL-STD-167 Vibration, MIL-STD-461-D EMI/EMC and MIL-STD-810F Operating Temperature, Storage Temperature and Humidity and other military certifications.

Our line of military monitors

Our military computer screen options include:

  • 12" Smart Display. The MV120D Military Smart Display features a 12" LED LCD panel with 1024 x 768 resolution, a resistive touchscreen, fanless operation sealed to IP65, and fully configurable I/O panel.
  • 15" Military Display. The MV150D Military Display offers a 15" LED LCD panel with 1024 x 768 resolution with touchscreen options, along with fanless operation that is sealed to IP 65, and a fully configurable I/O panel.
  • 19" Military Display. The MV190D Military Display is a 19" LED LCD Panel with 1280 x 1024 resolution and touchscreen options, with fanless operation sealed to IP65 and a fully configurable I/O panel.
  • 24" Military Display. The MV241D MissionVue 24" Military Display offers a high-resolution 1920 x 1200 display with optional touchscreen and backlit and dimmable front OSD keypad, fully sealed fanless design, and tempered double-sided anti-reflective front glass.
  • 42" Marine Display. The MV420 MissionVue™ 42" Marine Display features 1920 x 1080 resolution with EMI glass/touchscreen optional, along with 400 cd/m2 brightness LED backlight and military I/O.

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Trust is built into every marine and military product

At Comark, trust is the most important component of every product we manufacture, whether it's a marine computer, a military grade tablet PC or a rugged industrial panel PC. We know that reliability is crucial, so we test every product in the harshest environment we know: our own laboratory. Trust is essential to our partnerships with customers as well – that's why we make sure we fully understand our customers' objectives and business requirements before applying our expertise to design solutions. And because our customers trust us to provide equipment for mission-critical applications, we work diligently to deliver best-in-class lead times that meet or exceed our customers' expectations.

FAQs: what are military monitors?

Military monitors are computer displays that are specifically built to stand up to the harsh and hazardous conditions of battlefields and military deployment.

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Built with rugged housing, shock-absorbing components, non-corrosive materials and extra bright displays, military monitors are designed to deliver superior performance despite extreme temperatures, shock and vibration, direct sunlight and exposure to dust, dirt, water and sand.

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