The benefits of military panel PC computers

Military panel PC computers today enable personnel to have access to data and compute power no matter where their missions take them. From battlefields to military bases, rugged military computer equipment is built to withstand the harsh conditions of military deployments, including extreme temperatures, shock and vibration, electromagnetic interference and the presence of water, sand and dirt.

As a trusted provider of highly ruggedized computer and display solutions, Comark provides a range of military panel PC options as well as military displays, tablets and other military grade computer products designed to work in the harshest military environments around the world.

How military panel PC equipment is built

The demand for data and computing applications has never been higher, and a wide range of military operations require fast and reliable access to high-performance computing technology. A military panel PC provides the ultimate flexibility with a machine that combines a military computer screen and PC in a single flat panel housing, enabling it to be easily mounted on walls, machinery, moving vehicles and other locations. A military panel PC also provides the rugged construction that can protect the interior electronics from the hazards of military settings.

Military panel PC is typically built with:

  • Rugged construction that enables the PC to deliver superior performance despite temperatures that may range from below freezing to sweltering desert heat.
  • Protective housing with IP ratings that deliver protection against ingress of sand, dirt and dust, or waterproof housing that protects electronics from rain and light water spray to full submersion underwater.
  • Bright military monitors that allow personnel to easily view the screen in direct sunlight.
  • Shock-resistant components such as shock-mount gaskets and special cabling that prevents components from being disconnected or dislodged by strong vibrations.
  • Anti-corrosive materials like anodized or zinc chromate surfaces and gold-plated connectors that protect surfaces from the corrosive effects of high humidity.

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Military panel PCs from Comark

Comark is a global leader in ruggedized computing technology and has been the premier brand in customized military/marine applications for decades. We specialize in designing custom products for challenging environments, uniquely tailoring our equipment to meet and exceed stringent specifications and testing requirements for best-in-class performance and durability.

Our military panel PC computers – along with our military displays and military grade tablet PC products – are designed to meet a wide range of military performance requirements, including MIL-STD-901-D Shock, MIL-STD-167 Vibration, MIL-STD-461-D EMI/EMC and MIL-STD-810F Operating Temperature, Storage Temperature and Humidity. Using state-of-the-art technology, conformal coated electronics, long-life components and in-house testing, we deliver technology that enables service men and women to trust their equipment in mission-critical situations.

Certified, MIL-spec military panel PCs

Comark MissionVue™ military panel PCs are some of the most sought-after products on the market. Our products include:

  • MV120SD 12" Military Smart Display Computer, featuring a resistive touchscreen, 1024 x 768 resolution, fanless design, drip proof protection and standard and hi-bright display settings. This military panel PC features an Intel® ATOM N2800 CPU with 4 GB DRAM.
  • MissionVue™ MV150 15.0" Military Display/Computer, with a 15" LED LCD panel with touchscreen options, an Intel Core i5 processor @2.5GHz and 4 GB RAM expandable to 8 GB, and options for a panel or bulkhead mount. This panel PC is sealed to IP65 with fanless operation and features a solid state drive.

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Comark: trusted by military customers

At Comark, we know that trust is everything. We test our rugged computers and displays in the harshest of environments – our own laboratory – so that our military customers can trust our equipment to work in challenging conditions around the world. Our R&D team is constantly working to design and build more rugged and innovative solutions, enabling our customers to trust in the reliability and performance of our products. And because our military customers must trust us to deliver mission-critical technology on time, we are committed to providing best-in-class lead times for our off-the-shelf and custom-engineered products.

FAQs: what is a military panel PC?

A military panel PC is a device that combines a computer and a display in a flat panel enclosure, with components and housing that are designed to protect the electronics from the harsh and hazardous conditions of military deployments.

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Military panel PCs are built to provide reliable operation despite exposure to extreme temperatures, the shock and vibration from military equipment and battlefields, high humidity and salt mist, as well as water, dust, dirt and sand. A panel PC provides a convenient form factor that can be easily mounted to any surface, enabling military personnel to have access to a computer in locations where standard desktop computers aren't suitable.

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