Power operations with a military rackmount computer

Today's military relies on data more than ever, making military grade computer technology a critical priority. From managing intelligence to coordinating logistics, military units require rugged technology that can withstand the harsh conditions of military deployments. Rackmount computers are especially critical, providing computing power for high-performance workloads.

As a leading provider of ruggedized computer and display solutions, Comark provides military rackmount computers and military monitors that are built to deliver superior performance, exceptional reliability and long product lifecycles for our military partners.

The benefits of a military rackmount

A military rackmount computer is manufactured with rugged components that enable it to perform reliably despite the harsh and hazardous conditions of military environments. The benefits of a military rackmount server include:

  • Exceptional durability. Military rackmount computers are designed to withstand the challenging conditions of military deployment, including extreme temperatures, shock and vibration, electromagnetic interference, and exposure to water, dust and dirt.
  • Reliable performance. Military rackmount devices among the highest performing computer devices, designed to support the compute demands of artificial intelligence, automation and industrial/military workloads.
  • Longer lifecycles. A rugged rackmount will last much longer than a consumer-grade computer, enabling military IT teams to standardize on configurations and to lower the total cost of ownership for military computing equipment.
  • Greater flexibility. Military rackmounts offer more I/O expansion slots for computing flexibility, allowing IT teams to customize processing power and storage capacity for the needs of specific military computing requirements.

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Military rackmount computers from Comark

Comark is a trusted provider of highly reliable, ruggedized computers and displays for military customers as well as customers in a wide variety of other industries. With a proven track record of design excellence, unparalleled reliability and outstanding customer service, we serve as a critical resource for customers as they source rugged military computer equipment.

Our military rackmount computers are designed to perform reliably in the harshest and most hazardous conditions on the planet. Delivering best-in-class performance and durability, our military rackmounts enable Armed Forces personnel to have the confidence that their computing technology will deliver exceptional performance in challenging conditions when lives are on the line.

Our selection of 2U and 4U rackmount computers

Comark military rackmount computers are built for highly intensive workloads. Powered by Intel® high-performance processors, these devices feature an all metal construction chassis with hot swappable drive options, and they're backed by a 5-year product lifecycle that helps minimize the total cost of ownership.

Our rackmount computers include:

  • ATX Dual Xeon™ 4U Rackmount PC - High Performance Rackmount with PCI/PCIe Expansion. This dual Xeon rackmount system offers SSD or HD storage, up to 256 GB memory and UL 60950, UL 61010, UL864, CE and FCC certifications.
  • High Performance 2U Rackmount with 6th Gen Intel® Processors and PCI/PCIe Expansion. This rackmount computer is built for long life and unparalleled reliability. It features 6th generation Intel® i3/i5/i7 Processors, SSD or HD storage with up to 16 GB memory, hot swappable drive bay options and a broad range of options for ATX base I/O and PICMG 1.3 base I/O.
  • High Performance 4U Rackmount with 6th Gen Intel® Processors and PCI/PCIe Expansion. This rackmount is powered by Intel® i3/i5/i7 6th gen processors, with ATX base I/O and PICMG 1.3 base I/O options, up to 2 hot swap drive bays, up to 16 GB memory and SSD or HD storage.
  • 4U Industrial Rackmount Computer. This system includes a 6th gen Intel i7/i5/i3 chipset with up to up to 32 GB DDR3, up to 2 hot swappable drives and a variety of I/O interface options.
  • 2U Industrial Rackmount Computer. This rackmount features a dual Xeon processor and a choice of operating systems – Microsoft® Windows XP Pro, Windows XP Embedded, Microsoft® Windows Server 2003/2008/2012, Microsoft® Windows 7, Microsoft® Windows 8 or Linux – with memory up to 96 GB (2 DIMM slots registered), ECC or 24 GB unbuffered ECC up to 1333Hzs.


We also provide options for military panel PCs, tablets, node PCs and military computer screens.

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Why choose a military rackmount from Comark?

At Comark, we know that our military customers need to be able to trust that their rugged computing equipment will deliver superior performance and reliability in mission-critical situations. That's why we test our military LCD displays and computers in the harshest environments we know – our own laboratory. Our R&D team is continually innovating to deliver new, more powerful solutions that help to solve our customers' technology challenges. And because our customers need military computer products on accelerated timelines, we are committed to providing best-in-class lead times for our off-the-shelf products, and to custom-engineering military monitors, rackmounts and other equipment when our customers have special requirements.

FAQs: what is a military rackmount computer

A military rackmount computer is a server or storage device that is housed in a chassis which can be mounted in a standard server rack, and one that is built with rugged components that allow it to withstand the harsh conditions and intense processing demands of military operations.

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A military rackmount device is constructed with components that can withstand extremely high and low temperatures as well as electromagnetic interference, and built with materials that help to minimize the impact of shock and vibration on internal electronics.

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A military rackmount computer will provide superior performance despite harsh and hazardous conditions that would cause consumer-grade computers to fail. Military rackmounts will also deliver higher levels of uptime and a longer product lifecycle, lowering the total cost of ownership.

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