Power industrial operations with a rugged node PC

When you need high-performance compute power for industrial operations and industrial IoT applications, a rugged node PC can provide superior reliability, durability and performance.

As a leading provider of industrial grade computer solutions, Comark offers a wide selection of node PCs, fanless node devices and node computers that are ThinManager-ready.

What makes a node PC rugged?

Rugged computers and node PCs are built to withstand harsh and hazardous conditions while providing reliable performance for industrial automation, building control applications and fire life safety systems.

Rugged node computers may be manufactured with:

  • Rugged components that provide reliable operation despite extreme temperatures or electromagnetic interference.
  • Shock-resistant features that prevent internal components from breaking or dislodging due to shock and vibration.
  • Protective housing that prevents the ingress of water, dust and dirt.
  • Non-corrosive materials that mitigate the effects of salt mist and high humidity.

Industrial Node PC Solutions

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Node PCs from Comark

Comark is a trusted provider of ruggedized industrial computer solutions that deliver reliable performance in the harshest conditions in the world. With a proven track record of innovation and design excellence, we enable our customers to implement automation strategies to improve the performance, safety and efficiency of their business.

Comark's Nematron brand node PCs provide pre-engineered, configurable solutions that have been safety tested and certified for use in severe and hazardous areas and environments.

Our family of node PC products

Node PCs from Comark offer a variety of certifications including IECEx; Class 1, Div 2; and certifications for industrial and heavy industrial use. A sample of our products include:

  • The nPC300 High-Performance Industrial Node PC features 6th generation Intel processing with several high-performance/low-power processor options to choose from. This node PC also offers 4 GB of DRAM, 240 GB easily removable SATA solid state drives and extensive I/O connectivity. This product is also available in a version that enables fanless operation.
  • The nPC400 Industrial Node PC with PCI/PCIe Expansion offers a compact profile with high performance that makes this unit ideal for space-limited applications. This node PC offers a choice of three high-performance processors, a 240 GB easily removable SATA solid state drive with a second drive option, extensive I/O connectivity and 4 GB DRAM.
  • The nPC20 Fanless Compact Node PC offers fanless operation with a choice of high-performance/low-power CPU options, 4 GB DRAM (8 GB optional) and extensive I/O connectivity.
  • The nPC10-N2930 Lite Industrial Fanless Node PC features an Intel® Quad Core Celeron N2930 processor with 4 GB DRAM, an internal onboard 250 GB mSATA solid state drive and extensive I/O connectivity.
  • The EnduraNode™ FX Node Computer is a UL 864-approved device with a 4th-gen Intel QM87 chipset, up to 16 GB system memory, low power consumption and a compact form factor.


Additionally, we offer a series of node PCs that are ThinManager-ready, configured to boot to a network via ThinManager protocol only.

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Why choose node PCs from Comark?

When you come to Comark for node PCs and other rugged technology, you can count on:

  • Superior quality. Our focus on excellence and innovation in manufacturing enables our customers to count on us for world-class quality and reliability.
  • Lower total cost of ownership. By providing rugged products that deliver higher levels of uptime and longer product lifecycles, we help our customers to lower their long-term cost for purchasing, maintaining and upgrading their rugged industrial technology.
  • Exceptional service. Our commitment to providing outstanding support for our products throughout their lifecycle has helped us to earn an impeccable reputation for customer service.
  • An invaluable partner. We serve as a partner to our customers, rather than just a vendor, constantly working to deliver solutions that can help companies meet their technology objectives more successfully. When our off-the-shelf products don't meet specifications, we can engineer custom industrial computer solutions even for low- to mid-volume orders.

FAQs: what is a node PC?

Node PCs are high-performance industrial computers designed for applications where computer processing functions must be separate or remote from a monitor.

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Node PCs are used in a variety of industries, providing superior performance for industrial automation, building control applications and fire and safety systems.

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