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In the challenging conditions of industrial and manufacturing environments, a rugged panel PC touch screen computer can help to keep operations flowing smoothly and enable workers to remain productive throughout the day. By protecting the computer electronics from temperature extremes, shock, vibration and humidity, an industrial panel PC touch screen device provides the reliability and convenience that enables higher levels of uptime and more efficient operations.

As a world leader in ruggedized computers and displays, Comark offers panel PC touch screen devices that provide the performance, reliability and flexibility that companies in a wide variety of industries require for industrial automation, building automation and fire & life safety applications.

Why use a panel PC touch screen?

Advantages of an industrial panel PC touch screen computer include:

  • Greater durability. A rugged panel PC is built with components that can withstand temperature extremes and with shock-absorbent features that protect internal electronics from vibration. Anti-corrosive materials and surfaces help to prevent damage from humidity, and protective enclosures prevent the ingress of water, dust, dirt and other particulates.
  • Increased levels of uptime. Because of its rugged construction, a superior industrial touch panel computer can continue operating in conditions that would cause other equipment to fail. As a result, an industrial panel computer will deliver much higher levels of operational uptime and productivity.
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Because an industrial touch panel will not need to be repaired or replaced as often, these rugged devices help to reduce the total cost of ownership for computing equipment within industrial settings.
  • More flexibility. An industrial flat panel computer can be used in situations and spaces where a traditional workstation cannot, providing greater flexibility for bringing applications and controls into industrial workspaces. And workers can interact with an industrial panel mount touch screen monitor more easily than with a mouse and keyboard – even workers wearing gloves are able to input data on a panel PC touch screen.

Industrial Panel PC Solutions

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Panel PC touch screen computers from Comark

Comark is a global leader in the design and production of rugged computer and display technology, enabling our customers to deploy smarter automation solutions that improve the safety and efficiency of their industrial environments. With an impeccable track record of reliability and innovation, we offer panel PC touch screen machines as off-the-shelf solutions, and we can custom engineer devices to meet the needs of any industrial environment.

Our panel PC touch screen computers are highly engineered to deliver superior performance in the harshest of settings. Safety-tested and certified for use in a variety of severe and hazardous area environments, our machines are available with lead times measured in days rather than weeks or months, and come with a variety of safety certifications that meet international standards.

Find the right panel PC touch screen computer for your application

At Comark, we offer several families of panel PC touch screen devices designed to meet the needs of various industrial settings. Our offerings include:

  • IECEx-certified panel PCs. These panel PCs come in screen sizes that vary from 12" to 19" and feature analog resistive touch screens with Intel® 6th generation embedded processors. We also offer fanless models with Intel® Dual Core ATOM N2800 processors. Both versions are IECEx and ATEX Zone 2/22 approved when installed in an ATEX approved enclosure.
  • Class 1 Div 2 panel PCs. Our IPC and IPC fanless computers can be ordered with certifications for a range of UL and cUL Hazardous Locations. We also offer the IPC Plus Series, which features computers with PCI/PCIe expansion slots and optional keypads.
  • Industrial and heavy industrial panel PCs. Our ePC II Fanless Series features high performance, fanless panel PCs specifically designed for installation as automation control interfaces. Our EPC-Lite Fanless Series is an economy line of industrial PCs with more limited features. And our EnduraTouch II Enclosed Computer is fully contained within a stainless steel enclosure for use in areas where the NEMA 4/4X, IP66 rating is required.
  • Industrial automation Thin Client hardware. Our 15" and 19" ThinManager-ready Thin Client displays offer superior viewing in settings where a standalone PC is not needed.

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Benefits of a Comark panel PC touch screen

Within industrial panel touch screen PC from Comark, you can:

  • Trust our outstanding record for reliability. The superior quality and performance of our panel PCs – along with our customer service and technical support – results in higher uptime levels and lower total cost of ownership for your rugged computer equipment.
  • Satisfy requirements of international standards. Our panel PCs are designed and manufacturers to meet and exceed specifications for UL, ATEX, IEC, CE and FCC certification.
  • Solve technology challenges with an innovative partner. Our teams are constantly engaged in R&D to develop leading-edge solutions that more effectively meet the needs of our customers.
  • Enjoy longer product lifecycles. Our guaranteed minimum 5-year product lifecycle with available upgrade path ensures that the panel PC touch screen you provision today will be able to meet your objectives for years to come.

FAQs: what is a panel PC touch screen computer?

A panel PC touch screen computer is a computing device that houses a computer with a touch screen monitor in a single, flat panel case. Panel PCs with touch screens are especially useful in non-traditional workspaces such as industrial, manufacturing and healthcare settings. Panel PCs can be easily mounted to walls, equipment or vehicles for greater flexibility in bringing computing power into these workspaces, and touch screen technology enables workers to interact with their PCs more easily and efficiently.

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An industrial PC is built with rugged components that can withstand extreme temperatures, absorb shock and vibration, prevent corrosion and protect the electronics from water, dust, dirt and other particulates.

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