Enhancing productivity with a panel PC

In industrial and manufacturing environments, a panel PC provides convenient access to applications, controls and other computing technologies that workers need to stay productive. Because these environments may expose electronics to extreme temperatures, high humidity, shock and vibration and other harsh conditions, any panel PC must be built with rugged components or protective housing that allow the electronics to deliver superior performance in a challenging environment. That's where Comark can help.

As a leading provider of innovative, highly engineered and internationally certified rugged panel PC computers, Comark provides durable and reliable computing power for applications in industrial automation, building automation and fire and safety systems.

Benefits of a rugged panel PC

A rugged panel PC offers a variety of advantages for industrial settings.

  • Protection from harsh conditions is ensured by the use of shock-resistant construction, protective housing, non-corrosive surfaces and rugged components that can withstand extreme temperatures as well as the presence of water, dust, dirt and other particulates.
  • A slim footprint is achieved by housing the computer and monitor together in a flat panel mount PC that can easily be fixed to machinery, walls or vehicles to save space and provide greater flexibility
  • Simpler input is enabled by the use of an industrial touch screen panel that allows even workers with gloved hands to input data and that eliminates the need for a keyboard and mouse.
  • Easier viewing is made possible by extra bright screens that can be viewed at wider angles as well as in direct sunlight or in the bright lights of industrial settings.
  • Lower total cost of ownership is made possible by machines that require fewer repairs or replacements.

Industrial Panel PC Solutions

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Comark delivers panel PCs for the harshest conditions

Comark industrial panel PC computers are engineered to work reliably in settings and conditions where other machines fail. Providing both off-the-shelf panel PCs and custom engineered solutions, we provide customers with products that have a proven track record of reliability and innovative design, resulting in higher uptime levels and lower cost of ownership.

Our panel PC computers are engineered from the ground up to provide superior performance despite the harsh conditions of industrial automation. Available in a wide range of sizes and features, Comark panel PC computers are certified for use in a broad variety of hazardous environments.

Superior reliability and performance in panel PC products

Comark panel PC product lines include:

  • IPC Series. These high-performance, industrial PC touch panel computers are built with 6th generation Intel processors and analog resistive touch screens in sizes from 12" to 19". The IPC series features ultrathin panel mounting depths and certifications for IECEx and ATEX Zone 2/22 locations or for UL and cUL hazardous locations including a variety of Class I Division 2, Class II Division 2, and Class III environments.
  • IPC Fanless Series. This series of industrial panel PC fanless computers features Intel® Dual Core ATOM N2800 processors and analog resistive industrial touchscreen displays.
  • IPC Plus Series. These panel PCs offer PCI/PCIe expansion slots and optional keypads for maximum flexibility.
  • EnduraTouch II Enclosed Computer. The EnduraTouch II is a 17" industrial PC touch screen that is fully enclosed in a NEMA 4/4X, IP66-rated stainless steel enclosure with a fanless processor for use in areas where washdown sprays our common, such as chemical plants and food processing plants.
  • ePC II Fanless Series. These fanless panel PCs are available in standard and widescreen formats and in screen sizes ranging from 7" to 21".
  • ePC-Lite Fanless Series. These models, available with 15" and 19" screens, are an economy line designed for applications that don't require a full set of computing features.
  • Thin Clients. We offer 15" and 19" Thin Client screens that are ThinManager-ready, for settings that don't require a standalone panel PC.

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Why choose panel PCs from Comark?

The advantages of Comark panel PC products include:

  • Certification in a variety of international standards that ensure your rugged panel PC will meet the requirements of your application.
  • Greater longevity, engineered with a long product lifecycle and an available upgrade path that help to provide lower cost of ownership while ensuring your Comark equipment will meet your long-term objectives.
  • Innovative design and manufacturing from a team that is constantly investing in R&D to create new leading-edge solutions.
  • Superior reliability, quality and durability that translate into higher levels of uptime.

FAQs: what is a panel PC?

A panel PC is a computer that houses both the computer electronics and computer display in a single, thin panel. Panel PCs typically use touchscreen technology and can be easily mounted on walls, machinery or vehicles to provide greater flexibility for bringing computing power into the workspace.

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A rugged panel PC is a panel computer that is constructed with rugged components that can withstand the extreme temperatures, vibration, shock, humidity, dust and particulates that are commonly found in industrial settings.

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