Protecting and saving lives with public safety computers

Public safety computers provide command control for fire alarm systems, mass notification systems, building automation technology and other equipment that is critical to saving lives, protecting property and managing emergencies.

As a leading provider of rugged computer and display technology, Comark offers a wide range of rugged public safety computers that help companies across all industries to implement automation strategies and to improve the safety of their facilities and operations.

Certification for public safety computers

The UL 864 certification has been the standard for control technology and accessories for fire alarm systems since 1948. Updated every few years, the UL 864 Ninth Edition is the current standard, having taken effect in December 2008. With the exception of Europe, the standard is accepted worldwide by the fire protection industry and is the most significant and widely used standard for certifying fire and safety systems.

At Comark, all of our fire life safety systems are designed for UL 864 Ninth Edition certification, along with certification for ULC-S527-11 3rd Edition and UL 2572. We take pride in ensuring that all of our UL products comply with the life safety standard codes established by the National Fire Protection Association.

Fire and Life Safety Solutions

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Public safety computers from Comark

Comark engineers highly reliable, ruggedized computer and display applications for customers who need to deploy the most reliable technology possible in mission-critical automation and control applications around the world. With hundreds of thousands of computer systems installed worldwide, Comark has earned an impeccable reputation for reliability and customer service. Customers in a broad range of industries rely on Comark equipment to deliver superior performance in conditions where other machines fail.

As a leader in public safety computers, we offer an industrial grade desktop computer with a full high definition 22" flat panel monitor that serves as a powerful platform for fire and life safety applications. With Intel i5/i7 or dual Xeon processing options, a minimum 5-year lifecycle, hot swappable drives options and a high-temp burn-in @ 49˚C, this rugged desktop delivers superior performance for fire and life safety applications.

Additional fire and life safety technology

In addition to our industrial desktop computer, our UL 864-approved technology includes:

  • Rackmount computers. We offer 2U and 4U rackmount devices that feature Intel® high performance processors, all metal construction chassis, hot swappable drive options and power switches with lockable front doors.
  • Panel PC computers. Our rugged panel PC computers that are certified as public safety computers include a 10" Class Power over Ethernet Smart Display, a 22" Wide-Touch Wall Mount All-In-One Computer, and a Critical Touch™ 22" Class i5/i7 QM57 All-In-One Computer – an industrial touch panel with a surface acoustic wave touchscreen.
  • Industrial displays. Our UL 864-approved industrial touch panel displays offer 42-inch large screen displays with optional DST touchscreens, 450 cd/m2 brightness, multifunction input support and 1920 x 1080P resolution. The same display is available as an integrated industrial touch PC computer featuring i5/i7 processing and up to 8GB DDR2 RAM.
  • Node PCs. For applications where the computer must be separate or remote from the monitor, Comark offers node PCs that include the EnduraNode™ FX Node Computer with a 4th-generation Intel QM87 chipset, and the EnduraNode™ Compact Computer with an i7 processor and up to 16 GB of RAM.

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Why customers choose Comark

Customers choose public safety computers and other rugged equipment from Comark because we deliver:

  • Unrivaled reliability, with equipment manufactured to provide durable, continuous and superior performance in the harshest of conditions.
  • Longer product value and usefulness, with a guaranteed minimum 5-year product lifecycle and available upgrade path.
  • Certified technology that meets and exceeds the requirements for a wide range of international standards.
  • Accelerated lead times that enable us to meet the aggressive timelines on which our customers need to acquire and install public safety computers and other mission-critical technology.

FAQs: what are public safety computers?

Public safety computers, also known as fire and life safety systems, are technology that enables the companies, building managers and public safety officials to better protect populations during emergencies. Public safety computers can help to alert people within the building when a fire or natural disaster occurs, using sensors that detect smoke, fire and other hazards. Public safety computers may also help to control the response to emergencies, activating sprinkler systems or fire suppression measures and controlling HVAC systems to limit the spread of smoke or hazardous substances through ventilation systems.

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Public safety computers must be UL 864 certified to ensure that they comply with standards established by the National Fire Protection Association. Public safety computers should also be manufactured with ruggedized components and equipment that provide exceptional reliability, superior durability and longer product lifecycles.

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