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Rugged computer systems are a mission-critical part of the technology stack in industries as diverse as oil & gas, food processing, building automation, transportation, medical, military and agriculture. Built to withstand extreme temperatures, shock and vibration, high humidity and wet or dusty conditions, rugged industrial computers enable workers throughout industrial environments to have compute power, applications and data at their fingertips.

As a trusted provider of highly reliable, ruggedized equipment, Comark provides rugged computer systems that enable our customers to trust their technology in the harshest conditions around the world.

How rugged computer systems work

Rugged computer systems are constructed with a variety of heavy-duty components that help to protect the electronics from the extreme conditions of industrial, military and marine environments.

  • Ruggedized electronic components are designed to withstand extreme high and low temperatures.
  • Shock-absorbing mounts and gaskets enable interior components to withstand strong vibration without dislodging or disconnecting.
  • Strong, protective enclosures prevent ingress of water, dust and dirt while protecting the electronics in rugged systems from impact or repeated drops.
  • Noncorrosive materials and coatings help combat the effects of high humidity and/or salt mist.
  • Brighter displays enable rugged PC monitors to be viewed in the harsh lights of industrial environments or in direct sunlight.

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Rugged computer systems from Comark

Comark provides highly reliable rugged computer systems for mission-critical automation and control applications in a wide variety of industries. As one of the world's leading rugged computer manufacturers, we provide design excellence in off-the-shelf and custom-engineered solutions for applications across the industrial and building automation space.

While we offer a broad range of standard rugged computer equipment, we excel at engineering custom products that meet the needs of our customers and deliver exceptional results and reliability, both now and in the future. With ruggedized PC equipment from Comark, our customers know that they can count on their equipment to work in environments where other machines fail.

Our comprehensive line of rugged technology

Comark rugged computer systems include:

  • Rugged displays. Our wide range of industrial displays includes screen sizes that range from 12" to 42" with a variety of resolution and brightness options, resistive and projected capacitive touchscreens and approval for IECEx / ATEX Zone 2/22, UL/cUL Class I Div 2, UL864 and MIL certifications.
  • Mobile solutions. Comark 5" and 6" rugged PDAs are designed for the "go anywhere, do anything" mobile workforce. Our 8" and 10" rugged tablets offer flexible mobile computing in a protective and ergonomic impact-resistant case. And our vehicle terminal mounts with display sizes from 10" to 16" and optional alphanumeric keyboard make it easy for forklift drivers and industrial vehicle operators to interact with their computers, even with a gloved hand.
  • Panel PCs. These rugged computer systems include panel PCs with certification for IECEx and Class I Div 2 locations, as well as fanless models, economy options, a fully enclosed computer with a Nema 4/4X IP66 rating, and ThinManager-ready Thin Client hardware with 15" and 19" displays.
  • Node PCs. Our rugged node PCs offer extensive I/O capabilities and PCIe expansion, along with compact profiles and high performance. These Comark devices are certified for use in a wide variety of harsh and hazardous locations, including Class 1, Div 2 locations and IECEx/ATEX areas, and we offer models with UL864 and MIL approvals.
  • Desktop PCs. Our industrial grade desktop features a 22" flat panel monitor, a choice of i5, i7 or single or dual Xeon processors, hot-swappable SSD and HDD drives up to 2TB, and memory options up to 96GB. With a UL864 rating, this machine is designed for fire and life safety applications.
  • Rackmount PCs. Our selection of rugged rackmount computers combine high-performance, long life and reliability with a powerful feature set for maximum flexibility in a rack system. Choose from 2U and 4U form factors with options for PCI/PCIe expansion, Intel Xeon, Intel dual Xeon, Intel Core or Intel i7/i5/i3 processors.

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Comark: your best source for rugged systems

Comark has earned a reputation as the premier source for rugged computer systems because of the trust and reliability we build into every product. Our R&D group conducts in-depth product testing, new product design and part qualification to build technology that operates reliably in the harshest conditions around the world. Our focus on trust has earned us an impeccable record in customer service and satisfaction. Rather than serving as a vendor, we prefer to partner with our customers to help solve their technology challenges with rugged systems that offer longer product lifecycles, available upgrade paths and superior performance and reliability throughout their deployment.

FAQs: what are rugged computer systems?

Rugged computer systems are computers and displays that have been constructed to withstand the harsh conditions of industrial operations, military deployments, marine applications and other challenging and hazardous conditions.

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Rugged computer systems enable companies to have powerful computing systems in environments that would typically render consumer-grade equipment unusable. Rugged computer systems provide compute power for mission-critical automation and control applications and provide workers in harsh and hazardous environments with access to the data, applications and compute power they need to be productive.

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