Rugged computer systems deliver superior reliability

In the harsh conditions of industrial and military environments, rugged computer technology provides reliable performance for mission-critical automation and control applications. Rugged systems are designed and built to work reliably despite the challenges of extremely hot and cold temperatures, shock and vibration, high humidity and damp or dusty conditions. With superior rugged PC computers, companies in a wide range of industries can ensure continuous operation, higher levels of uptime and greater productivity.

Comark is a leading provider of rugged computer and display technology, delivering systems that empower customers to implement smarter solutions and to improve the safety and efficiency of their businesses.

Features of rugged computer technology

Rugged computer equipment is built with components and enclosures that protect electronics from the harsh and hazardous conditions of industrial or military environments. While rugged industrial computers are manufactured to a wide range of standards, most ruggedized PC equipment includes:

  • Heavy-duty components and electronics that can continue to operate reliably in temperatures that range from below freezing to 50°C or above.
  • Anti-corrosive materials and coatings that protect components and connections from the effects of salt mist and high humidity.
  • Shock-absorbing technology that prevents components from being disconnected, dislodged or broken by strong vibration, repeated drops or impact.
  • Strong enclosures that prevent the ingress of water, sand, dust and dirt.
  • Brightly illuminated displays that make it possible to read computer monitors even in the brightest industrial lighting or in direct sunlight.

Industrial Desktop Solutions

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Rugged computer equipment from Comark

Comark is one of the world's leading rugged computer manufacturers, with more than 40 years' experience delivering highly reliable and highly engineered systems for mission-critical automation and control applications. With hundreds of thousands of computer systems installed worldwide, we deliver the reliability, performance and longevity that our customers require to improve productivity, ensure higher levels of uptime and reduce their total cost of ownership.

Comark rugged computer systems are designed from the ground up to meet and exceed stringent specifications and testing requirements and to deliver best-class performance in the most challenging environments around the world.

Rugged panel PCs, displays, rackmounts and more

Rugged computer solutions from Comark include:

  • Panel PCs for industrial automation, public safety computers and military and commercial marine applications. Comark panel PCs feature screen sizes from 12" to 21", with a variety of options for touchscreens, PCI/PCIe expansion, fanless operation, a fully enclosed computer with a NEMA 4/4X/IP66 rating and ThinManager-ready Thin Client hardware.
  • Rugged displays that offer a variety of screen sizes – from 12" to 42" – and certifications, with options for both resistive and projected capacitive touchscreens in traditional 4:3 formats as well as widescreen high-definition options.
  • Node PCs that are designed for applications where computers must be separate or remote from monitors. Our wide variety of node PC products includes models with extensive I/O and available PCIe expansion, as well as models with high-performance/low-power processors and fanless operation. Comark node PCs can be certified for Class I, Div 2 locations, IECEx areas and for use in fire and life safety and building automation applications as well as military operations.
  • Mobile PCs that put computing power into the hands of the mobile workforce. Comark mobile solutions include PDAs, rugged tablets and vehicle terminal mounts in a variety of screen sizes, with resistive and projected capacitive touchscreens and housing that protects devices from impact and multiple drops.
  • Rackmount PCs that provide high-performance, maximum flexibility and unprecedented reliability in a rack system. Comark rackmounts are designed for a variety of target industries, including industrial automation, server rooms, building automation, cloud computing, data collection and others.
  • Desktop PCs. With a choice of processors and a UL864 rating, Comark's industrial grade desktop computer with high definition 22" flat panel monitor is the ideal platform for fire and life safety applications. This machine is available with Intel i5 and i7 processors or single or dual Xeon processors, along with memory options up to 96GB and hot-swappable SSD and HDD drives up to 2TB, including RAID options.

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Why choose Comark?

At Comark, trust is built into everything we do. Because we design and build the most rugged computer systems, our customers trust our products to deliver higher levels of uptime and to work in harsh environments where other machines fail. They also trust our 40 years' of experience when designing and engineering custom solutions to meet their specific needs and requirements. And they trust the long lifecycles of our products, knowing they can take advantage of our available upgrade paths to extract the full value from their Comark rugged computers to lower their total cost of ownership.

FAQs: what is a rugged computer?

A rugged computer is a desktop computer, panel PC, node computer, rackmount, mobile device or display that is built with heavy duty components, shock-absorbing parts, noncorrosive materials and a protective enclosure to protect the equipment from the harsh and hazardous conditions of industrial, military and marine environments.

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Rugged computer systems provide reliable operation and longer product lifecycles in environments where equipment is regularly exposed to extreme temperatures, high humidity, shock and vibration and/or dust, dirt, sand and water. Consequently, rugged computers enable higher levels of uptime, superior performance in mission-critical operations, and lower total cost of ownership for computing equipment.

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