Rugged industrial computers deliver ultra-reliable performance

When you need computing technology that can stand up to the harsh and hazardous conditions of industrial settings, rugged industrial computers deliver the reliability, performance and value that help to keep systems operating smoothly while delivering greater value and lower total cost of ownership.

As a trusted provider of ruggedized computer and display solutions for mission-critical applications, Comark offers highly rugged computer systems for use in industries that include oil and gas, military applications, machine tools, food processing, automotive, agriculture, transportation and many more.

The advantages of rugged industrial computers

Rugged industrial computers provide a number of key benefits over standard consumer-grade computer electronics that make them ideally suited for the challenging environments of industrial settings.

  • Exceptional reliability. Ruggedized PC computers are built with components and protective enclosures that ensure superior uptime despite extreme high and low temperatures, shock and vibration, and the dust, dirt and water spray that may be present in industrial operations.
  • Enhance performance. Designed to handle high computing and power demands that would cripple a consumer-grade unit, rugged PC technology provides the reliable performance that industrial operations require.
  • Longer product lifecycle. Rugged computer equipment is built to last much longer than standard computers and rugged computer manufacturers provide support and upgrade paths throughout the product lifecycle, enabling IT teams to standardize on a specific configuration for an extended time.
  • Greater flexibility. Rugged systems come in a variety of form factors, including desktops, panel PCs, node PCs, tablets and handhelds, making it possible to give workers access to compute power, applications and tools virtually anywhere within an industrial setting.

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Rugged industrial computers from Comark

Comark is a world-class provider of smarter automation solutions and IIoT platforms for the industrial and building automation markets. With a track record of unparalleled reliability, innovative design and superior performance, Comark rugged industrial computers enable companies to implement automation strategies that improve performance and competitiveness.

Our rugged systems provide:

  • Certified equipment. Comark technology is certified in a number of international standards – including UL, ATEX, IEC, CE and FCC – enabling our customers to have confidence that their Comark computers will meet and exceed their expectations.
  • Proven durability. With an impeccable track record of reliability in mission-critical applications, our equipment ensures higher uptime levels and lower total cost of ownership for customers.
  • Flexible customization. When our standard products don't meet our customers' needs, we engineer custom-built solutions, even for low- to mid-volume orders.
  • Innovative technology. Our R&D team is continuously developing class-leading solutions that are on the forefront of rugged technology and IoT-enabled products.

Comprehensive options for rugged industrial computers

Rugged industrial computers from Comark include:

  • Desktop computers. Our industrial grade desktop computer and high-definition 22" flat-panel monitor provide a rugged platform for any industrial application. Ideal for fire & life safety applications, Comark desktop computers are available with Intel i5, i7 and single or dual Xeon processors, hot-swappable HDD and SSD drives up to 2TB, and memory options up to 96GB.
  • Industrial displays. Our Nematron brand flat-panel LED monitors range from 12" to 24" in 4:3 formats as well as widescreen formats with full high definition, with options for both resistive and projected capacitive touchscreens.
  • Mobile solutions. Our mobile PCs include rugged PDAs, rugged tablets and rugged vehicle mounted computers that provide solutions for transportation and logistics, field solutions, warehouse and distribution and retail and hospitality.
  • Node PCs. Our pre-engineered, configurable node PC solutions offer certifications for IECEx, Class 1 Div 2, industrial and heavy industrial applications and Thin Client applications.
  • Panel PCs. Our wide selection of panel PCs offer a variety of features and thin panel mount housing and include options for resistive and projected capacitive touchscreens, fanless operation and Thin Client hardware.
  • Rackmount computers. Our selection of rackmount rugged industrial computers are designed for highly intensive computing applications including building automation, fire & life safety, server farms and cloud computing.

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Rugged computers with trust built in

At Comark, trust is built into everything we produce. We deliver long-lasting computer and display solutions that our customers trust to work in challenging environments where dust, dirt, extreme temperatures, water, shock and vibration are part of everyday operations. They trust our products to have longer lifecycles with available upgrade paths that help to reduce total cost of ownership. And they trust us to not be just a vendor building machines to spec, but rather a partner that can help achieve long-term success by designing, engineering and custom-building machines that meet their needs.

FAQs: what are rugged industrial computers?

Rugged industrial computers are desktop, rackmount, node, mobile and panel PCs or displays that are built to provide reliable performance in the harsh and hazardous conditions of industrial environments. Rugged computers must enable continuous operation despite extremely hot and cold temperatures, shock and vibration from heavy machinery and vehicles, the presence of dust and dirt, and exposure to light water spray or high-pressure jets used to wash down equipment.

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Rugged computers are built with components and enclosures that protect the electronics from the challenging conditions of industrial environments. Heavy-duty components provide superior performance despite extreme temperatures, while shock-absorbing mounts and gaskets help to mitigate the effects of strong vibration. Noncorrosive materials help to combat exposure to humidity and salt mist, and protective housing prevents the ingress of water, dust and other particulates.

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