Need a rugged laptop computer? Try a Comark tablet.

When you're looking for a rugged laptop computer to give your mobile workforce more computing power in the field, consider the advantages of a rugged mobile tablet instead. A rugged tablet is lighter and more versatile, giving your workers greater mobility around a job site and throughout their day. And for computing power in the harshest conditions, a rugged tablet will outperform a rugged laptop computer in terms of limiting ingress of water, dust, dirt and sand.

As a trusted provider of ruggedized computers and displays for customers around the world, Comark provides rugged tablets that can easily fulfill the requirements of a rugged laptop computer. Backed by more than 40 years' experience and an impeccable track record, we deliver both off-the-shelf and custom-engineered solutions for industrial and building automation applications.

Advantages of a rugged tablet over a rugged laptop computer

While it's true that a rugged laptop computer can likely provide a higher CPU for higher performance, a rugged tablet can outpace a ruggedized laptop in almost every other way.

  • Mobility. A rugged tablet PC may be as much as 4X lighter than a rugged laptop computer, making it easier for workers to take the device with them and to use it on the go, in vehicles, while standing and when there's no desk or chair to work at.
  • Mounting. A rugged handheld computer offers more versatile mounting options and can serve both as a mobile or mounted device.
  • High IP ratings. With a smaller form factor and fewer physical inputs, a rugged tablet will inevitably provide higher IP ratings and greater protection from water and dust.
  • Multiple input methods. With a multitouch screen, a rugged tablet enables users to input data via stylus, touch, onscreen keyboard or an external keyboard attachment, while most rugged laptop computers will not.
  • Cost. Rugged tablets are less expensive than their rugged laptop counterparts.
  • Peripherals. A rugged tablet can provide integrated cameras, barcode readers and other essential technologies that may be cumbersome external devices on a rugged notebook.
  • Power. The battery life on a rugged tablet should outperform the battery on a rugged laptop computer, and hot-swappable batteries provide for continuous power.

Rugged Mobility Solutions

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Comark ruggedized tablets: the perfect rugged laptop computer

Comark is a leader in design and manufacturing for rugged computer and display applications for companies who need solutions that will work in the harshest environments on the planet. With innovative technology, proven reliability and a broad range of global certifications, Comark ruggedized technology is engineered to meet your needs and drive exceptional results both now and in the future.

We offer two ruggedized tablets – the COMARK-8 and the COMARK-10 – that can fill any need you have for a rugged laptop computer. Powered by Intel quad core processors featuring up to 8 GB of memory, our rugged tablets are built on a common PC architecture that provides operating system independence through a full suite of Windows products as well as Linux and Android solutions. With Comark ruggedized tablets, you can give your mobile workforce the flexibility, reliability and performance that matches any rugged laptop computer.

Key features of COMARK-8 and COMARK-10

The COMARK-8 and COMARK-10 are designed to survive the demands of harsh industrial environments while pleasing the eye of the discerning user. The 8" (COMARK-8) or 9.7" (COMARK-10) industrial cover lens can take a 1/4 pound ball bearing drop at 5.75 feet directly to the screen, and the PCAP touchscreen provides a polarized, anti-glare, anti-fingerprint screen surface that is viewable indoors or outdoors in direct sunlight.

Additional features include:

  • Choice of operating systems, including: Windows® 7 32/64bit, Windows® 10 64bit, Android 6/8 and Linux Ubuntu 14.04/16.04.
  • 8MP CMOS camera with flash
  • 1D/2D standard and long-range barcode scanners
  • Removable battery pack: 3950mAh lithium ion battery (*6hrs of usage @ level 7 brightness)
  • Integrated bridge battery for hot swapping of main battery (1min)
  • Multiple radio communication, including an Intel a/b/g/n (a/c) module, cellular independence supporting AT&T and T-Mobile, Bluetooth 4.0 and standalone GPS
  • Support for payment module solutions: EMV L1/L2 certified, pinpad, MSR, NFC L1/L2 certified, 1D/2D imager

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Benefits of Comark ruggedized products

When you choose ruggedized solutions from Comark, you can count on:

  • Exceptional reliability. Our ruggedized display and computer solutions are designed for high reliability and superior performance in the harshest of conditions.
  • Longer product lifecycles. We guarantee our ruggedized solutions with a minimum five-year product lifecycle and provide an available upgrade path to ensure your Comark products will meet your objectives.
  • Accelerated production times. We know that when you need business-critical ruggedized solutions, you need them now. That's why our team works around the clock to make sure we deliver your technology on time.
  • International certifications. Our technology meets and exceeds a wide range of requirements for international standards.

FAQs: what is a rugged laptop computer?

A rugged laptop computer is manufactured with rugged components that can withstand harsh conditions such as temperature extremes, shock and vibration, as well as the presence of water, dust, dirt and sand on the jobsite. A rugged laptop computer is also housed in a protective casing that protects against drops and impact.

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A rugged tablet is considerably lighter than a rugged laptop, making it easier for workers to carry it with them throughout a jobsite. Rugged tablets provide more ways to input data using touch or a stylus in addition to an on-screen or external keyboard. And a rugged tablet is easier to protect against the many hazards present in industrial environments.

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Comark: reliability and trust

At Comark, reliability and trust are our top priorities. To ensure the reliability that our customers depend on, our dedicated R&D group provides in-depth product testing, new product design and part qualification to design solutions that operate reliably in tough conditions where dust, dirt, water, shock, vibration and extreme temperatures are part of everyday operations.

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